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This article attempts to argue whether homosexuals should be allowed to be Christian pastors or rather ministers. Homosexuality is referred as getting attracted to a person of similar sex (Earle & David, 2002, p 23). These attractions can also be in forms of affection or feelings of romance with that person of ones sex. In the world today, men who engage in this behavior are referred to as gay while women are called lesbian. Studies indicate that the number of people involved in this unfortunate behavior is not well known (Earle & David, 2002, p 25). It is worthy noting that a number of causes have been attributed to this behavior but they are yet to be proved. Genetics have always been blamed as one of the causes. Although not yet proved, scientists are always looking for this gene rather than focus on personal accountability. Predisposition is another thing that is thought to cause homosexuality. This is a condition when an individual tends to be oversensitive on issues (Earle & David, 2002, p 27). Defensive detachment is another cause all together. It is believed that children at very early age have inherent need bond with their parents. As the child grows and develops, she or he learns to identify with parents of same gender. Feelings of rejection can also be blamed as causes of homosexuality. These rejection feelings are largely associated with same gender. For example in case of a boy he wants to be with, to be liked by and appreciated by and loved by other boys and men(Earle & David, 2002, p 30).



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Feelings of inadequacy can also cause homosexuality. This is when a boy or a girl feels inadequate about his or her identity. He or she knows that he is a boy or in that case a girl but doesn’t feel or think he or she acts like one. He or she wants to be like others. These feelings will continue to be buried inside and will come on surface later (Stephen, 2004, p 17). Mental preoccupation with same gender for example, for a boy when he has experienced feelings of rejection by other boys and men and feeling inadequacy as a man, he becomes preoccupied with his gender. Behaviors which reinforce the pairing, these are such things as masturbation, pornography, acting out which reinforces feelings among other things (Stephen, 2004, p 18)


The question of whether homosexuals should be ordained as church ministers is not subject to debate. This category of people should be given a chance to take part in building the body of Jesus Christ (Jeffrey, 1994, p 18). Homosexuality should be taken by the society just like any other sin. The issue of putting this behavior in its own class should not arise. Just like heterosexual is a sin so is homosexual. Just like heterosexuals are given an opportunity to serve as church ministers, in a similar manner, homosexuals should be recognized as such (Jeffrey, 1994, p 19).

The bible categorically states that all have fallen short of the glory of God. This statement from the good book does not exclude some cases. A sin remains a sin and is only regarded otherwise after confession to God and therefore repenting (Jeffrey, 1994, p 168). When one has fallen down, one does not just stay there but stands up and proceeds with the journey. Similarly, if a homosexual stops the bad behavior on coming back to his senses and seek repentance from God he or she should be given a chance to serve God in whichever capacity in church (Earle & David, 2002, p 41).

Priesthood is a calling from God. In regard to this, whether a homosexual should be a church minister or not should not be approved by fellow human beings. A calling is an order from above and should not be questioned (Earle & David, 2002, p 43).

Another reason why homosexuals should not be discarded from serving in the church is because God himself has been seen using people regardless of their status in his work. A classic example in the bible is Hosea who got married to a harlot. This from the beginning was God’s plan to symbolically use that woman to teach his people (Scott & Kae, 1998, p 18). The bible continues to advocate for the fact that god can use anything to save his people. In this perspective of looking at things, god can in the same way use homosexuals to save his people. With that in mind, homosexuals should be ordained as ministers of the church of Christ (Scott & Kae, 1998, p 20).

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Another reason to support the idea of homosexuals being ministers in the church is because since time immemorial, the church has a cardinal responsibility of bringing all sinners to Christ. To excommunicate homosexuals and denying them a chance to serve in the ministry defeats the purpose (Jeffrey, 1994, p 17). The church is the only place sinners can seek refuge. If therefore the church does not give them an opportunity to transform, its image is dented. It is expected that they will be understood by the church and slowly but surely help homosexuals identify their identity.

Homosexuals are human beings just like any other. In most cases there have been speculations of priests engaging in such behaviors as sodomy. This clearly shows that those who are taking part in homosexuality are only imitating their role models who are in this case the priests. To expect people not to take in these condemned behaviors will be expecting too much. Pastors who engage in homosexual only indicate that they are human beings and bound to fall one time or another (Jeffrey, 1994, p 24).

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I hold a belief that, homosexuals should not be given an opportunity to serve the church as ministers. To begin with, for one to be a church minister, moral uprightness is a requirement. Somebody who has taken into homosexual has already corrupted his or her morals. That said, they cannot be good role models to the society in question. Trusting such people with our children will be expecting too much (Scott & Kae, 1998, p 23).

Another reason for opposing is obvious; these people are going against the will of the creator. From the beginning, when God created human beings, he created a male and a female. His idea behind doing all these is so as for them to have sex and procreate. People of the same sex engaging in homosexuality can not procreate therefore going against the will of God. This ultimately is a sin and an insult to the intelligence of God (Stephen, 2004, p 18).

Another reason why these cases should not be given an opportunity to serve as church ministers is because they suffer from moral disorder. This disorderliness brings destruction to the life of individuals. Whether they keep away from the bad behaviors is not important because this condition is permanent. This should not be underestimated when looking for pastors (Stephen, 2004, p 20).

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Homosexuals are not a perfect match of Jesus Christ. A church minister is ordained as such to represent the son of God. People in this condition are not anywhere near Christ who was not a homosexual so they cannot step in his shoes (Stephen, 2004, p 21).

Followers of the good word should be entitled to an honest, faithful minister. Homosexual priests are not honest and faithful to themselves and to associate them with the faithful church of Christ is sinful. His thinking is corrupted and dominated by sins (Stephen, 2004, p 23).

The desire and thinking to engage in homosexual is in itself a sin and should not be undermined. Anybody who has taken part in this shameful act before keeps on recalling and desiring to go back (John, 1993, p 19). It will be expecting so much to think that these people have changed over time to come back to their sense and completely shun the behavior to an extent of them being trusted with priesthood (John, 1993, p 22).

When somebody is a homosexual his remaining pure is questionable. The teachings of Christ on remaining pure are or rather abstaining from sex until marriage is threatened when such a person is trusted with priesthood (John, 1993, p 23). Homosexuals will look down upon such topics and will not talk on their own condition or even encourage faithful to take after them. On the same breath, they will always get worked up anytime the church is against this behavior (John, 1993, p 31).

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Allowing homosexuals to become priests is setting a bad example to the followers of Christ. It will be advisable for the church to practice what they are teaching their followers in regard to sexuality. Actions will teach them in a better way rather than just saying. Keeping homosexuals away from priesthood will create an impression that the church does not apply double standards on any kind of sin. This will abide with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Homosexuals should not experience any leniency and should face repercussions accordingly (Scott & Kae, 1998, p 65).

Legacy has it that no single time Jesus or even the church has recommended or even appointed a homosexual to serve in the capacity of a minister. Since the coming of the good word, the norm has always been and will always be to get sexually upright individuals for the task. This should not be compromised by any church globally (Scott & Kae, 1998, p 67).

Going by the good word of the lord, the old and the new book prohibit this behavior. The ancient communities left nothing to chance to eliminate any individual who engaged in an act contrary to the word of the bible. In the same breath it would then be very hard for them to recommend such a person to enter priesthood (Stephen, 2004, p 36). One Paul in the bible classifies those who are homosexuals together with those who will not see the kingdom of heaven. It therefore goes without saying that a priest who will not go to heaven cannot be trusted with the cardinal responsibility of directing people on how to get there. There is no single incidence in the bible where it is written this category to be given a responsibility in the church (Jeffrey, 1994, p 168).

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In regard to spiritual instructions of the church, there have been constant warnings against having such members as ministers. No council that has ever seen such individuals as suitable to take up the task of priesthood. The popes across the world have always been against having such individuals anywhere near the church let alone being church ministers (Jeffrey, 1994, p 172).


Considering the above argument, it is not advisable to homosexuals serve as priests. In support of this, consider the following. The Catholic Church in its criteria of getting the rightful candidates to take in priesthood considers the following factors. One should not be married or engaged in an activity likely to suggest (Jeffrey, 1994, p 178). If married, one can serve as a deacon or in another capacity. With this in mind, it is crystal clear that the church goes for nothing less other that chastity. To have a homosexual ordained as a priest will be taking the joke too far and the most heinous crime in the history of the church.

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Marriage is a holy union from god. In most unlikely terms, individuals who are homosexuals do not seem to respect this wonderful idea from the creator himself. When a homosexual is then appointed as a priest, it goes without saying that we are not respecting idea from the most high (Stephen, 2004, p 236). A priest is expected to ordain a holy marriage between husband and wife. To therefore have a gay priest, he will not only amount to abusing this union but also taking it for granted. They homosexuals do not respect the marriage union and therefore cannot be trusted with this important task (Stephen, 2004, p 237).

The church at Corinth, led by Paul was strongly advised not to engage in any sexual immoral behaviors. He continues to advise Christians that the body of Christ is pure. If somebody feels that he or she cannot refrain from sexual activities he or she should keep away from serving Christ. This he even said to homosexuals. Going by this, it is crystal clear that homosexuals have no business thinking they can become priesthoods. They surely will not see the kingdom of God (Stephen, 2004, p 242).

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Our body is regarded as the temple of Holy Spirit according to the good book. As such, to imagine that homosexuals take this seriously will be taking the anticipations too far. Anybody who is a homosexual does not recognize that his or her body should not be an epitome of evil deeds (John, 1993, p 230). With this having been put into consideration, homosexuals do not qualify as right candidates to take up priesthood. Their temple, in this case their body, cannot accommodate Satan let alone Christ. Priests are expected to have a ready place in their heart for Christ; this can only be achieved by having a clean temple which is not anywhere close the homosexuals.

In conclusion, homosexuals are people who are full of lust. Lust is a vice that cannot be taken for granted by the church in a bid to get the right person to serve as priest. When lustful people take up influential positions such as that of a clergy it gives them a platform to do even worse things and can easily cover up for them. This is because of their reputation in society (John, 1993, p. 231).


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