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What type of experience does Stein argue for the temptations of Jesus of Nazareth?

Stein argues that the temptations of Jesus were right from the beginning meant to open the doors of life without end for human being. She continues to argue that, following the temptations that Jesus underwent, Christians can only pay back by being strong not to be tempted just like Jesus. Prayers are the only surest way to resist temptations.

Was the experience a historical event, vision, or subjective experience?

Her experience on this was like a subjective experience because she even wrote a book on the same. Although she did not finish writing it she concluded it basing it on truth of temptations she had experienced so many times. She strongly believed that, as the disciple of Christ, temptations were a daily thing.

What arguments does she use to support her answer?

The fact that she had suffered so much in the hands of the then government due to her denomination made her to argue that, temptations usually come but they are not meant to last. She also argues that, just like Jesus underwent temptations and did not give up, she is also not ready to give up.



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What are the three temptations faced by Jesus?

The first temptation is when Jesus was required to manufacture bread form stones. The second requires him to let himself fall from a cliff and let the angels rescue him. Finally the devil requests him to worship him and by so doing he will give him authority over the world.

How do the temptations differ in Mark, Matthew and Luke?

To begin with, Luke and Mathew differ on how the second and third temptations are arranged. In the gospel of Mark Jesus’ temptations are not even clear unless one clearly reads with a lot of keenness. The two books which one can easily read the temptations of Jesus and understand are Mathew and Luke.

According to Stein how are we to understand the term, “wilderness”?

Wilderness according to Stein can be likened to the hardships that Christians are experiencing while serving Christ. Just like Jesus experienced hardships in the wilderness Christians are no exception as Jesus serves as role model.

What is the meaning of each temptation according to Stein?

The first temptation serves as a wake up call on Christians to resist the worldly things just like Jesus because they will soon come to an end just like bread. The second temptation according to Stein is that Jesus set a classic example by not testing his father. She calls upon Christians not to do things deliberately looking forward to Christ to save them. That to her, is a sin. In the third temptation, although she is not specific, she says that many people have been driven by promises from friends and people close to them and have abandoned the word of god and have followed them. Just like Christ, she calls upon those people to remember eternal life cannot be compared to any worldly thing.

How does Stein understand Jesus’ concept of the “Kingdom of God”?

She categorically said this about Jesus’ concept of the kingdom of God, that the kingdom is God in us and us in Him. The kingdom is God manifesting himself in Christians and Christians in return manifest themselves in Christ.

6. What is the significance of calling God, “Abba”?

The significance of Abba in her life was that even when she is experiencing embarrassment, suffering and loneliness of the cross, she experiences Christ love and being there for her which gave her a back up when he really needed it. Abba is the one that protects her therefore having a sense of security. She continues to say that, in the arms of Abba, she feels like a child being protected by strong hands of the father. This sense of security has enabled her to commit herself fully to the work of Christ.


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