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Clinical research can be defined as division of medical science that establishes the effectiveness and safety of devices, medication, treatment regimens and diagnostic products that have been produced with an intention of being used by human beings. To begin with, monitoring of clinical research has concentrated mostly in North America and Western Europe because of various factors. Notably, Western Europe and North America has had tremendous development in medical technology and professionals leading enhancement of clinical research facilities. However, it is increasingly important that monitors move to other parts of the world in order to distribute their services rather than concentrating them in North America and Western Europe. With this in mind, there are various approaches that can be used to envision how monitoring clinical researches in other parts of the globe should be done (Lee, 2006).

Research Findings and Discussion

It was found out that North America and Western Europe had the majority of monitors across the globe. Nonetheless, there is need to focus on distributing them to other parts of the world to raise the standards of clinical research in these areas. To begin with, whereas transferring of clinical research monitors from North America and Western Europe could prove to be a challenge, one of the approaches that could be utilized to deal with this would include conducting training sessions of monitors from other parts of the world (Pieterse, Duijst & Jong, 1999, p.342). In connection to this, new monitors who have an origin from these parts of the globe such as Asia could be trained in Western Europe and North America and then send back home to monitor clinical researches in their countries of origin.



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There are various advantages of using this approach. To begin with, whereas these monitors have to be taught in English, it costs cheaper in training them to learn this language rather sending monitors from Europe to go and learn the local language of these countries. In reference to Lee (2006), personnel at all sites should speak English, both the principle investigator and the coordinator in order to minimize costs (p.96). Notably high costs that are related to language emanates from the fact that speaking other languages apart from English would result in extra cost in terms of translation that is needed.

There is also need to transfer the technology that is involved in clinical research monitoring to these areas in order to attract those monitors that have concentrated in Western Europe and North America due to its advanced technology. With this in mind, it would be easier to attract these monitors to focus on moving to other areas of the world where diseases are rampant and need serious interventions.

In order that change may occur in Eastern Europe and to Asia in terms of monitoring clinical research, it is important to take into consideration those factors that have greatly contributed to the growth of clinical research and monitoring in both Western Europe and North America. As such, maintenance of language such as English in the monitoring and research should be done in order for research to be effective (Petryna, 2009). This is given to the reason that most of the monitoring is based on the English language. This automatically means that English meaning should not at all be altered. So to speak, clinical research in Eastern Europe cannot be transferred if the language in which the procedures of motoring and research are not maintained. Otherwise, this may translate to a totally different meaning. This is to suggest that in case of any other language, translation should be carefully carried out by ensuring that the English meaning does not lose its original meaning.

At the same time, there are various things that need to be maintained in order for change to be realized. Needless to say, translating sometimes may prove tasking as well as the many risks that are involving while dealing with different languages. In this sense, it is highly recommended that the research procedures be retained in order to achieve the proposed goals. More to this point, even after a translation has been carried out, there may yet remain some procedures of which translation may change the whole meaning. As a result, the research may fail leading to a waste of time and resources as well as inefficiency (Petryna, 2009).

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Having stated that most of the highly trained monitors live in Western Europe and North America, it is important to consider sending some of the monitors from other countries to these particular countries for training. As a consequence, they will acquire the knowledge and skill required for clinical research (Petryna, 2009). Along with this, they can be used to train their fellow members in the home country and in this case they are in a better position to explain the procedures. This is to mean that, the trained monitors are well positioned to carry out a translation of the procedures while maintaining the intended meaning in the context of clinical research.

Equally important to state, it is the need for work ethics to be maintained while moving from the Western Europe and North America to Eastern Europe and Asia. Presumably, the work ethics maintained in Western Europe and North America may be so different from those that are practiced in Eastern Europe and Asia. In such a case, if Eastern Europe and Asia are to adapt the research procedures and the kind of motoring that is practiced in Western Europe and North America, it is prerequisite to maintain the work ethics practiced in the Western Europe and North America monitoring.

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In summation, there are various approaches that can be utilized in order to meet create a new image on how monitoring in regions such as Asia and Eastern Europe are perceived. In line with this there various issues that needs to be changed while others need to be maintained. To begin with, there is need to train professionals from these regions and then send them back home to work in their countries of origin. In addition to this, it is important to transfer clinical research technology to these areas as a way of attracting North American and Eastern Europe monitors to these areas. On the other, there is need to maintain the language in which monitoring is while. Similarly, monitoring clinical research work ethics should be maintained.


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