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Implantation of a plan is the final phase of planning. It the phase in which the all that has been planned for is put to work with a view to achieve all that has been planned for. In the implementation of the plan for this company the major strategy to enter the market will be through the existing distributor outlets, this strategy has been identified because we are venturing in a new market in which we do not have enough knowledge about. The existing distributors know the market players and the local customers know and identify with them. This will be after massive promotional campaigns in the media, in the internet social sites and in the billboards. The organization will also hold promotional days where the customers will be allowed to sample the product and give their views on how they find it. Once this has been done the product will be released to the market specifically to the areas where the product got a positive response from the customers.

The performance of the product will be monitored through the sales volume in each market segment (progress reports). This will help the organization know where the sales are good and deliver more there. Also consumer feedback will be sought to know how the consumers feel about the product. They will be provided with coupons to fill and drop at the vendors point and they will be used to analyze their satisfaction levels and what needs to be improved on. The customer retention rates will also be sought for. Consumers keeping who on coming back for the product will be an indication of high retention rates of customers. These will enlighten us on whether to rebrand the product, to improve on its quality or even to exit the market if it is not favorable. Timelines will also be another measure to be used in monitoring performance. The specific set goals against their time schedule in the plan will show whether the plan is going as per the set goals. Finally the outcome measurements will also be used to tell whether the plan is performing as per the set objectives. The achieved objectives will be an indication that it is doing well, that is whether the projections will tally with the actual outcome or not.

The implications of these control and monitoring measures on the organizational goals financially is that the initial costs will be high. Keeping track of this information will be costly in the short run. However in the long run it will be of great importance as the company will have known it weak points and improved on them and capitalized on the strong points too. This means the long run profits will be more and will out do the great costs in the short run. On the operations the organization will know its best market and make more deliveries there. The monitoring tools will provide knowledge on the target markets so that in the best performing markets more will be taken there. In the lesser performing new promotional campaign measures will be undertaken and probably a rebranding.

The organization has a good reputation on ethics in the local markets. To prevent customer exploitation, the organization will be setting the average prices that can prevail in the market. Any distribution agent who does not stick to this will be stripped off the privilege of distributing on our behalf and the task handed to another agent. The organization intends to adhere to all the legal requirements in all the local markets that it ventures into. This is to avoid the unnecessary litigations that may arise as a result of non adherence. The same applies to all the regulatory requirements of the specific markets in the different countries. In those markets that the frameworks are not favorable, the organization will just pull out of the market to avoid the unnecessary frictions with the authorities.

The organization finally intends to improve on the welfare of the people wherever it goes. For this reason it will try to identify worthy projects and fund them. Through these projects the people probably will form an emotional attachment to the organization and might want to purchase more of our products. This will even boost our sales and revenue.


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