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Job analysis and design entails the processes of identifying and putting down all the relevant information on a particular job. This must also include identifying the specific tasks required for the job. Skills and knowledge required for the successful performance of a job is also important in job analysis. Specifically, there are a number of aspects that job analysis deals with. These include precise description of a job, selection of employees, training of selected employees, and performance appraisals. Moreover, job design, classification, and evaluation are equally important. The above mentioned factors are essential in ensuring that the right employee is selected for a job (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2010). Ensuring that a thorough job analysis gives job description is vital for a supervisor to effectively do his/her job. The supervisor has the responsibility of seeing to it that he has the right workforce for each particular job. This is a prerequisite for effective and efficient production. There is nothing worse than having the wrong employee on a given job (Noe et al, 2010).

The design I would propose entails a number of methods. First and foremost, it would be appropriate to observe different employees and noting down performance. Individual interviews would also work in assessing competency of workers (Conaty, Bill, & Ram Charan, 2011). Those employees doing the same job could also be interviewed together. Finally, questionnaire could also assess competency of employees. Supervisor can easily learn strengths and weaknesses of each employee and this would help in the realignment for efficiency.

However, there are a number of drawbacks that come with job analysis and design. There is not always guarantee of a positive output after a thorough input has been done by management. Failure to keep checking accuracy of the information from the analysis may lead to the employee doing the wrong thing. This amounts to waste of time and resources in the job analysis process. A biased investigation during the analysis never gives out accurate information on the job. This can lead to hiring of unqualified employees. The information should be able to bring a balance between the job and the employee (Wright, 2011).


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