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According to the Oxford English dictionary, inferences are conclusions derived from established propositions, observations and premises. Such deductions could either be correct or incorrect, justified or unjustified and logical or illogical depending on the accuracy of the observations and premises used in obtaining the inferences. A false inference is referred to as a fallacy. The process of reaching conclusion from a range of different observations is called inductive reasoning which is based on the trends of observations considered.

Assumptions occur when incorrect inferences are reached making such deductions unreliable and untrue. However the accuracy of inferences is determined by individual interpretations and the reliability of the premise used. Individual conclusions are influenced by personal perspectives and assumptions reached while making such deductions. Moreover personal deductions and assumptions are determined by individual experience and practice in arriving at inferences. Different people could have different viewpoints of similar data and observations resulting in different inferences and conclusions. Different perspectives also determine the accuracy of inferences from similar set of data. In addition the accuracy of inferences is also influenced by the present information and environment of the individual which is often drawn from society and education.


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An example of inaccurate inference I made concerns culture and personality. It is believed in our culture that a specific group of youths with some undesirable character traits dresses in some specific attire. Therefore upon seeing some of my friends in such dressing I did not want to relate with them anymore. This was conformed to be very incorrect as I did realize that they were influenced by their environment and exhibited good personality traits.


In conclusion accuracy and reliability of inference is determined by different conditions and information held by the individual in making deductions. However, good practice and consideration of established premises can improve accuracy of individuals in making inferences.


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