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Leading With Honor

Leadership is a feature that anybody can have only when a person chooses to keenly devoted their existence to serving others. However, it is not required to have an association or even trust in God to be a grand leader.

These key examples of grand and religious men set the fundamentals to what a strong leader could and should be and carry themselves. There are many types of leaders and, according to this paper, the bible shows three notable examples of leaders. The bible indicates three main types of leaders that this paper will use as the bench mark to compare and analyze the situation of leadership. (Ellis 2012) These types of leaderships include those leaders that are called brave and anointed. In order to understand the qualities that leaders should have according to the bible, the above mentioned categories will be addressed in this paper. (Dallas 2004)

Called Leaders

Called leaders are God chosen leaders; they are directed to do their work. These leaders can be compared to the leaders that are selected by organizations to meet their specific goals or targets.  These leaders might not be qualified, but they are chosen to enhance or achieve the organization’s targets or to do God’s work. In today’s world, most leaders cannot be qualified as called leaders except those that work as clergymen. (Ellis 2012) Leaders that are called have their work cut out for them as they serve jobs and tasks. In the bible, called leaders were given tasks. For example, Moses was called to liberate the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and he led them to Israel the Promised Land. Looking at Moses and his life before he was called to lead the Israelites, he was short of leadership qualities, but God gave him the ability and grace to lead the people through. Just as, Moses was short of leadership qualities, so are many people that can lead. However, organizations do not give these people chances to work for them; most of the organizations prefer well groomed leaders that can work in any position in the organization.



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According to Moses, leaders should not necessarily be qualified in order to lead others to a suitable place or to attain the set goals. Looking at the relationship between God and Moses, we can see that God chose Moses despite his iniquity when it came to speaking. However, Moses was a strong leader, and God gave him the chance to excel in his leadership. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, and that shows that he attained his desired goal or, in other words, his objective. This should be used by organizations, and they award people with an opportunity to lead regardless of their academic qualifications. (Barbour 2011) Organizations should take people into leadership positions, not for their qualifications but simply because they have room to improve and make an enormous difference in the organization. The qualities seen in Moses and the relationship between him and God should be emulated by organizations and their workers by leaders.

Brave Leaders

Brave leaders are those that stand up and face any situations especially when others cannot think of stepping up. They always fight and represent what they believe in, and they do not step down no matter what happens. They are principled as they do everything possible to achieve their set targets or ambitions. Brave leaders stand up for others and the rights of the majority, and they never stop at nothing in their leadership. These leaders do not back down because of the consequences that might come in their way for disobeying the authorities. Being a brave leader does not necessarily mean going to war; some leaders persevere through the trials and hardships brought to them because they think that what they stand for is right. The perfect example is the soldiers in the battle field. They sacrifice their lives for their countries, and they stop at nothing to attain victory.

In the bible, some leaders like Daniel were wise, but they endured many problems because of their faith. Daniel did not follow the customs and laws that governed his country but God found favor in him. He gave him knowledge and skills to lead the kingdom. This is the same way that current leaders should work, and they should not sway from their line of thoughts and believes. Current leaders have changed their line of thought, and their principals to suit their own desires. However, principled leaders should be brave and consistent to avoid misunderstandings of their qualities. In this way, the organizations should help and provide these leaders with the opportunity to serve and lead the people, as well as the organization.  Organizations should provide the leaders with the necessary facilities to enhance the organization and attain its objectives. On the other hand, leaders should be brave and focused on their set targets. (Barbour 2011)

In the bible, Daniel never gave up his faith despite the problems that he faced. Daniel stopped at nothing to fulfill his desire to see his people obeying God. He even went to war in order to conquer other nations and make sure that God was worshipped. It is only through his brave face that he managed to overcome the other nations and the problems that faced him as a person and a leader.

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Anointed Leaders

According to the bible, anointed leaders are chosen by God to lead over nations and their people. These leaders were required to follow and dedicate their lives to God. These leaders can be compared to the current leaders that have a spirit of serving the common citizens. To these leaders, the needs of the common man come first; the leaders dedicate their service to the nation. In the case of organizations, the leaders are characterized by their relentless efforts in working and leading the organization to its objectives. (Ellis 2012)

The most accurate example in the bible that fits this situation is the anointing of King David. King David was anointed at a remarkably young age and lived waiting to serve the people of Israel. David devoted his whole life to service of others and the nation. (Barbour 2011) Despite his shortcomings, God never let him perish; therefore, the organizations should at all times support their leaders and works even in times of low business and crisis so as to build confidence in that administration to the subjects.  In today’s world, there are few kings due to the growth of democracy that remains. Therefore, it is hard to say that most of the leaders that we have are anointed. This can only be applied to the clergy as it is the only institution that is left to experience such occurrences. Most institutions apply academic and experience merits in choosing their leaders. (Dallas 2004)

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The bible has been quoted as the most inspirational book on the planet. The bible provides its readers with the necessary information to make them strong. The bible is a pillar in all sorts of life, for example, the bible demands that all those in position of leadership should embrace servant leadership qualities. The master should embrace the idea of serving before being served by others. According to the bible, a shepherd of the flock is said to be among the people exercising oversight, not under obligation, but willingly according to God’s will; and not for disgusting gain, but with zeal and service to others. This is according to the Gospel of Peter.

According to Mathew, any person among the people that desires to be a leader should first consider being a servant of the people before to serve them.  It proves that he or she is not after any gain but to serve the people and the organization to his or her best level. It is not only about those who are among people. However, those who wish to be leaders among the people shall be the peoples' servant that gives the virtue of being humble. (Ellis 2012) A leader should first be able to show his leadership skills from the lowest level, for example, being a loving parent at home is the first display of a good leader. A person that cannot manage his own household cannot manage a bigger organization, and these are the words of Saint Timothy as it is written in his gospel.

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All these are qualities that a leader should have. Some of these qualities are inborn, and others are acquired through the course of life. However, the educational system only amplifies the qualities that lie deep within the human spirit. Just as, the saying goes that leadership is a gift it is true not all people can lead with integrity. (Dallas 2004) To make an excellent leader, personal needs come last after the need of others or, in simple terms, selflessness. This being the main quality of a leader, it is accompanied by other virtues; for example, one must be truthful, dedicated, humble, humane, and compassionate and have excellent communication and problem solving skills. Being a leader also calls for a creative mind that can work on different issues in any manner.


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