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Product Information: To be Completed by Marketing and Forwarded to Package Engineering

Product description: it is a high-end beverage juice product.  The product is non-alcoholic and contains several different fruit juices.

Production of product: The product will be produced in California and shipped by truck to 20 different distribution centers in the United States and then will be distributed to stores in cases of 24. 

In-store sales method:  The product will be displayed on the store shelf with other high-end juice products.    

Price Point of product:  The product will have a high price point within the range of juice products. 

Specific requirements of package in the store:  The package must show the brand name, and legal and nutritional information.      

Primary Package

i.          Describe the function (s) that must be served by the primary package for this product (include all that apply).

•          The primary package is the packaging that is in the direct contact with the product. Primary packages must protect the product from external interference or contamination at all times. Contamination can be from germs or other chemicals that might alter the quality of the product.



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•          Another role of the primary package is marketing and promoting the commodity. The primary package is what consumes see in shelves; therefore, sturdy and attractive packages tend to promote the sales of a commodity. The primary packaging acts as a form of advertising. Manufacturers must ensure that the packaging is done in a quality and effective manner in order to attract customers. Human nature dictates that consumers tend to go for commodities they can trust; therefore, by ensuring the juice is packed in attractive, and up to the required standards, consumers will equally trust the content of the package.

•          Convenience is also a key function of primary packaging. In this case, the juice packaging is resalable, making it effective and more convenient to use. This is another feature that attracts consumers.

•          The primary package ought to prevent any tampering of the product until it is purchased. The juice boxes contain an aluminum foil at the mouth of the box. The foil is then covered with an airtight plastic cap, and eventually, the top cap covering two seals. This prevents any tampering of the product.

ii.         What is your recommendation for the material (s) that should be used for the primary package?

•          The preferred packaging in this case is aseptic packaging. Aseptic cartons are made of paper board, aluminum foil, plastic and adhesive.

iii.         Please, justify your material (s) selection.  Include advantages of this fabric for this use and the disadvantages or concerns of using this material.

•          Aseptic packaging entails a series of sterilization procedures that ensure the final product is stable with a prolonged shelf life without necessarily refrigerating.

•          The packaging technique also gives room for improving the final product.

•          The packs are compact and easy to handle, hence, save on storage and transport cost. In addition to this, their size also makes their distribution speed extremely fast. They can also be transported for long distances without breaking or getting damaged in any way. This makes this packaging convenient to use.

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•          Aseptic packs are environmentally friendly, compared to other types of packaging

•          On the downside of aseptic packaging, sometimes the equipment might not be adequately sterilized resulting in contaminated final products. However, this can be avoided by ensuring the staff is qualified for work and the equipment used is of high standards. In addition, chemicals used to sterilize the equipment have the potential to create carcinogenic or toxic compounds.

•          The process involved is highly energy intensive; therefore, this can prove to be costly for the company.

iv.        What method of printing can one recommend for the primary package?

After the careful analysis of objectives and goals, it was decided to use litho-lamination.

v.         Please, justify your recommendation of the print method.  Include advantages of this printing method for this package and disadvantages or concerns of using this print method.

•          Litho-lamination results in vibrant colors and impressions on packages. In addition, they give boxes a lasting look that is extra glossy and highly visible. This captures the consumers’ attention because they give packages an exceptionally classy look.

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•          On the down side, the method is slightly expensive; however, benefits outweigh the cost.

vi. What assumption has been made while choosing the material or print method?

•          Apart from ensuring that the juice content is protected from any contamination, we intend the primary package to be a representation of the high quality we are offering; thus, we invested more in ensuring that the primary package acts as a marketing strategy. Hence, one made the assumption that customers will be more inclined to purchase better packaged and attractive juice packets.

•          We also assumed that customers will appreciate resalable packs better, since it is more hygienic and classy.

vii.        What environmental concerns must be addressed for the primary packaging?

The aseptic packets can be recycled into paper towels or even writing paper. However, not all countries have access to these facilities; therefore, the main environmental factor that should be considered is how environmentally friendly the material used is, and easily it can be recycled and reused.

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Secondary Package

i.          Describe function (s) that must be served by the secondary package for this product (include all that apply).

The secondary package is the overall packing that commodities are transported. This may be in the form of crates or boxes among others. In this case, the primary package will be cartons. This is because the secondary package is in the form of aseptic boxes and can easily be transported in cartons. The secondary package in this case will serve to protect and preserve juice boxes from getting damaged by external interferences. The boxes will also provide ease in storage of juice boxes. This is because they easily fit into small spaces; hence, many boxes can be stacked together for transport as space is not lost between the boxes.  This, in addition, results in a reduction in transport costs. Thus, in summary, the primary package, which in this case is cartons, is used to protect juice boxes from contamination. It also serves as adequate storage for boxes, both in stores, as well as during transporting.

Secondary packaging serves the vital function of ensuring that the primary package retains its original condition, especially during storage. In a secondary package, several primary packaged products are grouped and packed together. This creates ease in the storage, transport and handling. In other words, secondary packaging aids to promote logistics. Another function is that it helps to market the product by playing a marketing strategy role. Good packaging reflects positively on the quality of the product. Thus, it promotes sales of the commodity. The secondary packaging also acts as a guarantee for buyers. When packages are delivered intact and unblemished, the buyer is convinced that details given in the box correspond to the content inside. Good packaging acts as manufacturers guarantee to buyers that the commodity is not tampered with and that legislative requirements have been met.

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ii.         What is your recommendation for the material (s) that should be used for the secondary package?

•          The best material to use in the primary package of juice boxes is cardboard boxes. These are locally available and supremely economical to use.

iii.         Please, justify your material (s) selection.  Include advantages of this fabric for this use and disadvantages or concerns of using this material.

•          Paper cartons are remarkably cheap and economical to use. Cartons have been inexistence for an unusually long time. They are immensely popular because they can be reused and folded into manageable sizes for storage once not in use. Cardboard boxes are also light compared to other materials like wood, plastic or metal; hence, save on shipping costs.

•          Another reason why cardboard is popular is that it saves on space. Cartons can be stacked on top of each other; hence, more cartons can be transported at the same time. This saves the company a lot of transport cost. Cartons, once in shops or outlets, help to save on space, especially during shelving, thus, making it extremely popular.

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•          The cardboard can be sealed in a variety of ways. Metal stables can be used to hold the cardboard together. The cardboard is thick; thus, it does not tear or break easily. The surface of the cardboard is also friendly to glue and tape. Therefore, they can be sealed until they reach their intended destination without the external interference. This also provides privacy for the box contents.

•          The main concern of this packaging media is that it is easily destroyed by liquids. Therefore, in case of a leakage from one of the juice boxes, the entire box will be weakened significantly and will not sufficiently serve its purpose.

•          Cardboard boxes are also not particularly durable, and they wear and tear faster, especially in humid conditions. Unlike other materials, which can last for years before getting worn-out, the lifespan of cardboard is limited.

iv.        What method of printing can one recommend for the secondary package?

•          Flexography is the most preferred method of printing.

v.         Please, justify your recommendation of the print method.  Include advantages of this printing method for this package and disadvantages or concerns of using this print method.

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•          Flexography has been in existence since the 19th century, and it is, therefore, a proven method that has proved to be reliable, especially for printing foodstuff packages.

•          Prints on large variety of nonabsorbent and absorbent substrates.

•          The method can successfully make many different impressions, hence, making creative and beautiful patterns on the cardboard.

•          The method is versatile and can color more than ten colors. In addition, the inks used are fast drying and cost effective.

•          Another advantage of this method is that it is exceptionally fast, which is advantageous, especially since juice products are in a considerable demand.

•          One of main demerits of this strategy is that it tends to fade fast. However, since cardboard boxes used are also not as durable, this method is sufficient and cost effective.

vi.        What assumptions have been made in choosing the material or the print method?

The main assumption made when determining the printing methods was that since the secondary package for this commodity was intended to facilitate easy handling and transportation of the product. Also, the package was mainly intended for logistics and storage purposes; therefore, we decided to invest more in the primary package since this is what would be stocked in shelves to attract customers.

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vii.        What environmental concerns must be addressed for the secondary packaging?

•          The weather plays an extremely vital role in determining the packaging to be used. This is because all matter expands while hot and contract when not. Thus, in order to maintain juice boxes in a stable and neutral environment, one chooses cardboard, which is a poor conductor of heat. This is because juice is rich in vitamins which are affected by heat. For example, if the juice were packed in metal cans, it is likely to conduct heat from the surrounding, hence, affecting their P.H value and their quality.

•          Another factor one puts into consideration is the infrastructure and mode of transport for the juice. Since the juice will be shipped using trucks, the cardboard boxes will be better and lighter to transport by road, as opposed to metal or wood. Boxes will also undergo a lot of movement from the factory, to trucks to other outlets, hence, boxes are easier to handle, and they do not break easily.


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