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The writer of this book discusses the use of medium paintings and the artistic works in breaking down the ideological ideas in real life. This has been happening over the past decades. There is an emphasis on the use of films and some paintings in relaying the messages since this process is considered adaptive and also influence the change among people according to the artistic choice. The use of these artistic paintings has the capability of influencing the cultural development changes among the surrounding communities since they are mostly permanent images to be viewed from now and then, thus securing an opportunity for them to be analyzed and criticized later.

In the story, the author also noted that Kara Walker plays the image of suckling most forthrightly in the striking figural group. Kara is said to have played a role in the connection of stereotypes and also created more awareness on the issue of violence. The awareness tackles issues such as sexual depravity that was common in the great Panorama. Kara Walker is viewed by the author to also have evoked more attributes on the eighteenth century silhouettes, a matter of which led her interpretations to be much larger, since it spanned on the entire walls and creating a bizarre worldwide. The author also reviewed Walker to have focused more on the issue of slavery and the antebellum South as per the exhibits depicted in New Orleans after the occurrence of the Hurricane Katrina (Randall, 52).



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The author emphasizes that the use of visual or written arts provides the appeals for emotions. This is because most of Walker’s work did have the capacity of invoking some sense and emotions among the audience. This justifies the purpose of her work through the use of visual images and the written materials to pass the messages to the people. The author sees Walker’s work as that with the aim of making people realize their narrative biographic frames which forms the subject that ends up affecting people’s vision, and, as a result, more awareness of the complexity and richness of the biographical nature are formed. Walker in her work incorporated the activities that occurred in the nineteenth century a case of which the children were exploited sexually and also the murdering of the babies. This experience may lead a person to realize the impact of living a positive life since it enhances the globalization and also contributes towards the creation of the global peace and harmony to the people.

Political Art, Censorship, and Pornography by Kathleen K. Desmond

The author in this article is dealing with the art of censorship, pornography issues and the general political art. There is a discussion on the use of art in advancing ideologies, for example, the issues of Marxism. The art is also considered to be the instrument of which some political, religious, and the moral views in the society are reviewed. For example, Picasso used the art in expressing this ideology. There is evident use of ant-war painting “Guernica”, which expressed the suffering endured by the small village of Basque which was bombed by the German soldiers at the period of the Spanish civil war (Willey, 18).

There is general emphasis on the use of graffiti to express the messages, since the use of media alone in relaying the messages is not enough. The issue of censorship is focused much to explain the issues of morals and the political objects in the society. For example, the Taliban group destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas following the claim that it was against their Muslim morals. The issue of pornography is also discussed at large since it is most experienced in the normal grounds. There is more issue of censorship being discussed, such as the Robert Mapplethorpe’s works and the Suzanne Klotz’s work on the Pocket guide of the Holy Land.  The purpose behind the use of such images like the graffiti is to pass the messages to the people and the political leaders without hurting other people. This is the main message beyond the beautiful paintings and colorings that appear on the street walls. From this, one can learn the powerful tool for disseminating the ideas to the people, which leads them to censor their morality values or also their political grounds.

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The Comparison of the Two Chosen Topics

On the first issue of similarity, the first topic discussed the issue of sexuality while the second topic also tackled the issue of pornography. These are some of the activities that are common in the society that require to be seriously addressed. The second issue of similarity comes in the point of killings of the innocent people in the society. For instance, Kara Walker in her art depicted the killing of the innocent babies, while the second article especially the work of Picassos depicted the issue of bombing as related to the innocent life killings.

However, there is a difference in the way which these messages are being relayed to the people. In the first context, the message is passed to the people through the films played mostly in the cinema halls while in the second context; the message is passed through the use of graffiti. All these acts are aimed at relaying the message of peace to the people indirectly, which, therefore, depends on the level of how people can read in between lines.

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There is success is the preaching of the peace message to the people. The choice of using the entertainment activities such as the cinema movies attracts many people’s attentions, thus making it successful for the message to reach as many people as possible. There is also some success in the context of the use of graffiti, since the media alone cannot be reliable to deliver the message to the large populations.

Cases of failure can occur especially at the level of interpretation. Since the messages are relayed indirectly, there might be cases of some people lacking to interpret the real messages behind the arts. The use of graffiti in relaying the messages also faces the challenge of reaching out to many people, since those people that pass around such paintings are the only ones who can get the messages.

In conclusion, the use of the art is connected to the real life since they address the issues that people experience in the current life. Issues of corruption among leaders, pornography and sexual abuse, killings in the society are extraordinarily common. There is, therefore, a general need for people worldwide to embrace people and leave a peaceful life worldwide.


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