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Promotion is a way of rewarding those individuals whose performances are admiring. It is also equally important to consider those individuals who possess the right qualities that are required for a sale manager.  In such assumptions, things may not work towards the end of time as what was expected to be may not be. After being promoted from a sale representative to a sales manager, things seem to worsen more than when it was in being sales representative. At first, the was a belief that the shoe may be too big to be fitted in. the notion is that the manager who left was more productive that directly being there. This is actually not trusting oneself.

In being promoted, the management expects that the newly promoted sales manager is aware of how things are done. They will therefore neglect the new one and forge ahead leaving him to struggle with decision making within the department.

Basically the previous duty was more of operational that decision making which is evidenced in the new position.  In adapting such a change will require sometime which may not be granted since everything will be a reality and not a trial. Performances will have to be affected at the first time as the new manager adapts to the new environment.



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The new manager will be manning those, whom they were working together and there are high chances that the new manager will be undermined. This is basically caused by those feeling that they should been the ones being promoted and want to pull down the one who has been promoted.

Roles of a sales representative

A sales representative has some roles in every organization. First, he has the role of collecting information from its clients and also those within the organization which so that it can be forwarded to the concern before being analyzed.

Secondly, information gathering on opportunities and threats that pertains the organization, they further highlights on the expected trends that are expected to emerge within the industry.  

A sales representative is actually a link of the company; that is, they directly meet with suppliers, customers and those within the organization. They analyze the collected data so as to come up with solutions and thus improve on its economic value.

Roles of a sales manager

The roles of sales managers vary from one company to the other. It is not only manning a team but also has the mandate to be on the frontline in selling retail sites. It is through this that every manager opt to have experienced salespeople within their department.

Sale manager also coaches the sales representative on how they are suppose to conduct themselves at their place of work. They ensure that they adopt an appropriate coaching style so that sales representative will be motivated to performance and productivity.


Any new environment or position seem to be difficult to carry out the require activities. A newly promoted sales manager will be faced with difficulties. In order to ensure that productivity is not affected, the management and the new manager should corporate so as to help him adapt to the new position.

The sales representative who they were working with the promoted member should avoid any differences that they had and embrace teamwork. The sales manager should treat the entire sales representative equally and also employ the most preferred management techniques.

Why is personal selling so important in a time when technology is seemingly replacing people?

Many organizations have improved their performance through personal selling. They use this marketing tool to attract and convince the customers to purchase the products and services. Organizations which are facing stiff competition prefer using personal selling because of the personal conducts with the customers. Some of the customers do not know what they want to buy and through personal selling, they can be in a position to know what is in the market and their uses. In addition, through personal selling there is immediate feedback from the customer. Salesperson can also get the chance to convince the customer to buy the product or service being offered. Finally, many customers in the market do not like technology instead they prefer that personal conduct with the salesperson. Some requires clarification on the product use and precaution involved in the use of product. Such services can only be offered through personal selling.

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However, technology still holds a place in the market. There are categories of buyers who are busy with other things and they prefer to make their orders through online. Furthermore, computers safe time because the customers can get to access what is been offered in the company immediately.


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