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A good Public Relations article should develop, define, and articulate all the critical components of PR; moreover, the goals and objectives must be well-defined, the approach should be tactical, and the strategy should lead to full implementation of a PR philosophy in an organisation. 

This presentation samples Grunig (2009), and analytically presents the author’s PR approach in line with the expected process of writing a PR strategy.

This presentation answers the three questions:

1)      Does the journal have goals and objectives?

2)      What are the journals tactics and strategies?

3)      Is there a link between goals and objectives, tactics, and strategies?

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The goal of PR is indirectly presented by the author. The goal of the paper is: if an organization segments the public and other partners, it is anticipated that issues will be dealt with if communication takes place at all stages (Grunig 2009) and supported by (Sison, 2009).

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The objectives are measurable, precise, assist in achieving goals, and propose action on an idea. Moreover, the author presents cognitive objective.

The tactics employed by Grunig (2009):

Controlled: digital media like websites, blogs;

Interpersonal: meeting, initiating personal visits, and lobbying with publics and stakeholders;

Sponsorships: forming non-profit alliances, offering scholarships;

Uncontrolled: GM used online press releases to let the public know of their bankruptcy (Grunig, 2009).

The author has used the online platform, citing GM case, to persuade the public of the firms’ experiences.

There is also use of theory development as a communication strategy

The presentation affirms that Grunig (2009) developed a working and strategic plan in communicating PR information on the journal.

This article therefore passes the test of a good PR, hence should be useful to other PR practitioners.

Buy Presentation Speech Public Relations essay paper online

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