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There are many proposals submitted by the student community seeking to develop products in the technology field; but one problem is eminent. Most of the projects depend on GPS technology, which is not bad. However, the major problem with the technology is that it depends on a one-way communication system. In essence, a GPS communication system works on the triangulation mechanism by taking the different time frequencies to take signals from remitter satellites. There could be one or more satellites, depending on the model specifications. A receiver takes different periods to receive signals, depending on its location and the distance between the receiver and each of the satellites. The major weakness, as already mentioned, is that a GPS device does not retransmit information to the satellite, unless the satellite dish is very big. The next best technology to adopt in order to solve this problem would be the creation of a weak local signal and piggyback on mobile phones. The system can be pegged on the cell phone transmission tower. This remedy is however costly and may add extra cost to the cell phone prices. Another problem is that it would require negotiations with the cell phone manufacturers.



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This paper proposes the development of an automated volume controller that will solve the communication hitches of a GPS system at an affordable cost, and remain an independent project. A number of researches investigate different ways through which sound output can be used in its two forms: speech and non-speech. The use of sound output is relevant in many technological devices like computers, domestic devices, and cell phones among others. An automatic volume controller consists of a source of audio signal that can be modified with an amplifier to control sound signals at varying audio frequencies. In addition, it has a transducer to convert audio frequencies to sound energy, a detector to sense the output of the transducer, and a phase comparator among other components. Volume control is very important in modern technological devices because, as Berglund (1990) states, excess sound is a nuisance and cause of annoyance to most people. Hence, the development of the automatic volume control system will not only solve the technological lapses of GPS systems but also create consumer friendly product.

In the music/audio industry, the automatic gain control is among the most common devices used to change the recording levels of the sound produced at different sound amplitudes. On reception of a quiet sound, the sound is amplified and before recording and when the sound is loud, it is reduced to recordable levels. Modern computer gadgets have built-in microphones and loudspeakers; hence, there is a need to look at the possibility of synchronizing the ambience of sound volume to appropriate levels. Nonetheless, a device or software can control sound levels appropriately. This project seeks to create a new product in the market.

The Potential Revenue Sources

The demand for sound control devices is high. This for-profit venture is likely to reap abundantly from the direct sales to the end users, sales distribution via intermediaries, and from sale of the device to other manufacturers. Nonetheless, the main source of revenue would be sales to the end users through wholesalers and other intermediaries. Intermediaries help in many ways (Voortman, 2004). As a producer, I would not have to find market for the products; instead, the intermediaries will market the product as I concentrate on production.         

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Potential Competitors

Having undertaken a quick research on similar products, I found out that Infiniti that manufactures luxury brands of cars uses the same concept (ca. 2008). The concept as applied by the manufacturer allows music volume to increase or decrease depending on other sound detected within the car. For instance, if a baby cries in the car, the music volume increases automatically to overcome the interfering sound. The luxury car models have internal noise control system in the cabin, dual microphone that receives ambient noises of the car and transmits sound waves that destructively interfere with the incoming sounds. The sound control system can interfere with power train sound produced and when the car is moving at triple digit speed, it remains quiet inside.      

Technological Feasibility

Strategic planning and costing are critical for the success of the product launch. It is prudent to note that just like for any electronic device, the cost may seem high at first. However, many of us may agree that it is hard to notice any visual sounds from such as police or other emergency sirens when driving. A fine example is the city that we love and live in, Los Angeles. In conjunction with our city, New York City drivers will benefit as well from such a device as the automatic volume control system. The device can be used in police cars, ambulance, or fire trucks; the system automatically adjusts the music to coincide with what is happening around the driver.

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In business, competition and the ability to attract sponsorship and investment is based on the viability of the business and cost of capital required. However, in the quest to make a business or technology reap from a comparative advantage, a number of economic issues must be put in place. These issues include interest rate, cost of capital, factor cost among other economic variables (Keller, 1993). This calls for a free market economy, which eliminates many trade barriers and increase competition among firms. In this regard, when a country charges high taxes and interest rate, it therefore means that factor costs are high and the profit margin for the firm is less. There will be a comprehensive costing to ensure that the device generates profits.

The automatic volume control system working ability has been proven in a range of office frontline environments. The office is a busy place with customers, business partners, and other stakeholders streaming from all quarters. People talk, play music, while other need silence. The concept of developing volume control system will address these needs. The required sound output changes systematically, depending on what an individual wants in any given office set up. The automatic volume control system will let those who want to listen to music do so, while at the same time let those who want silence have it. As much as the venture will create a sound control device, it will also be possible to diversify the product usage to the visual effects. Already, there are ongoing researches related to the visual creation of the same product. The potential to diversify the business into other areas is an additional strength for this venture.

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The other advantage of the venture is its ability to solve potential problems of the automatic volume control systems produced by other manufacturers. For instance, sound waves from different sources may undergo constructive interference (Brewster, 1998). This may result into production of even louder music or sound. However, this device will overcome such hurdle as it uses discrete auditory interference that correctly synchronizes the sounds. The other advantage is that the system reduces music volume when there is an emergency siren in the outside environment; hence, it potentially reduces chances of accidents.

Ethical concern

Ethical business practices have become the norm for most organizations when doing business.AVCS venture will comply with all the legal provisions that entail the development of a new product. For instance, the first initiative will be to patent the product and own it before selling any product to the end users or to other firms. As mentioned earlier, the product manufacture and release will be the most important driving factor towards a successful product launch. In addition, the venture will set up mechanisms to respond to the failed projected performance; for example, contracting ICT professionals in the most established firms to come up with a resolution. In this regard, I will develop a backup plan to be used in case any kind of malfunction happens. In spite of many advantages of the venture, there are possible ethical concerns that may arise. As already mentioned, there could be sound interference that may result into noise production and this would be nuisance to other road users, or to people in gathering places.

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Potential Problems of the Venture

AVCS has no notable technology hitches since it is an innovation, which is built on existing technology. AVCS ensures that there is an automatic volume control for high intelligibility. Secondly, it will not only help to control music at a comfortable level, it is perfect for all ages. It will suit everyone and there is no age discrimination. It will also help control the exterior noise that affects the interior sound. Nevertheless, to specifically gear to a popular audience, the AVCS product will target young customers that listen to music or the radio while driving (Shinners, 1998). Market positioning will be essential for the AVCS product.

Product Definition and the Target Market

AVCS is a solution to a global problem with mobile phones and other portable communications devices (Yadav, 2008). In a situation where a mobile phone user is unable, to get clear communication then AVCS becomes handy. This is because it offers the following benefits:

  • It increases customer satisfaction, AVCS improves sound clarity, hence it enables users to derive high utility (Miller, & Miller, 2000).
  • AVCS promotes easier hearing, since it enhances clarity. It is prudent to note that easy hearing promotes effective communication.
  • AVCS improves intelligibility in devices, which apply it as a component.
  • AVCS will enhance user’s product experience.

Many potential partners could show interest in this venture. This is a highly technological venture that I believe will attract technology giants like Apple and Samsung, just to name a few. These firms are sensitive towards creating state-of-the-art products that address modern consumer trends. This will also be a benefit to the users as they can listen to music or comment on their own performance and record it while on the road.

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A good product rollout needs a corresponding effective marketing to let the consumers know the product. Towards this well-coordinated, multivariate marketing options will be adopted. This will include Internet marketing, social network marketing, electronic media and word of mouth (Kotlar, 2003). Social media is the new marketing tool that has a wide global outreach platform. Moreover, online marketing is less costly compared to traditional marketing tools, like TV, radio, print media, and billboards. In addition, there are many car forums and communities online. Blog pages that are writing about cars could attract people who like cars.

For marketing reasons, the blog comments can create a bookmark or section for readers to self-market the product. I could test the market by offering my products for a free trial or at discounted rates. Through the online platform, I will be able to let curious users know about the latest technologies in the market, like this project. Then such popular media as Twitter, Facebook, Microblog, and Google will be used for online publicity. According to Clark, Loksha, & Ornelas-Kuh (2011) “Facebook’s other strengths include relationships with other companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, the ease of use of our website, and, potentially, the users that transition from students to alumni” (p.2).

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Marketing Strategies


The public is quite important in the marketing of the product. In this regard, I intend to serve the entire global market. This coverage is achievable by means of a mass market policy, which means that a single undifferentiated marketing mix is presented to the entire public (Oliva & Kallenberg 2003).


Market segmentation is critical as a paradigm shift in marketing strategy in the global market (Keller, 1993). In this regard, the product sales will first concentrate on areas where the product has a great competitive advantage, while at the same time penetrating new markets. The American market has high demand for new technologies given the big music, and motor vehicle industries. These present the best market for the first product launch after which the product will sell in the global market.

Targeting is a process of selecting a given market segment as a priority in attracting and retaining new customers (Kotler & Amstrong, 2007). The sales of the device are targeted at the owners of personal cars, government cars, emergency and other cars.

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Positioning is a strategic move by a company to exploit economies of scales by creating an image or identity of the product in the customers` minds (Munck, 2002). The positioning strategy of the product will be first launched in the United States and then spread to other parts of the globe.

Social networking sites, as marketing tools, provide a unique experience and feature that can only be tapped by exploring the existing diversity (Lowe, & Doole, 2008). George, (2004) observes that, “The more advanced features allow weak links and friend-of-a-friend links to be exploited for social or business networking purposes. A user may exploit these applications to find contacts, or to understand what relationships exist.” Every social networking site brings unique experiences and features that can only be unlocked by exploring the existing diversity (Hartley, 2010).

The information technology platform provides a dynamic world of business and, as such, maintaining flexibility is important. Flexibility in marketing creates entrepreneurial growth. America is the largest consumer of manufactured cars in the world, the culture of driving is quite rampant, and the AVCS device will be a timely venture in controlling sound volume while driving. In this regard, the product marketing will be channeled to target not only motorcars but also other devices, which use radio. The device will follow all the legal and safety measures to ensure that it is not only safe for consumers but it also conforms to legal requirements. 

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This proposal discusses the viability of launching the AVCS product in the current market. Having analyzed he weaknesses of GPS communication devices, this venture is timely in not only creating a high technology device but also in enhancing the experience of end users through sound synchronization. The device can be applied in mobile phones, office setting, and while driving, among other ways through which the product can be utilized. The other critical aspect of this venture is that it allows modifications from an audio device to a visual device, which will enhance the sustainability of business operations. Backed by the aforementioned marketing strategies, this product has a huge potential not only in the American market but also in the overseas market. Even though it would be quite an expensive venture, many technology firms, like Apple and Samsung, could become potential business partners and financiers. Using other business frameworks, this venture has a huge potential in the technology industry.


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