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Trucks for snacks, unique small plates and sharing meals

Varying dining routines are influencing the traditional regime of the three meals a day. Consumers in modern day demand not only meals, but also the convenience. They have a wish to fulfill their dining needs and fit their social needs, such as overdue options and inclination to share dinner with colleagues. Restaurants are implementing this trend; they add to the menu all types of tapas, small bites, sharing plates and snacks. To keep up to date and to satisfy a customer, chefs produce creative forms of paring the traditional dishes. Customers should be ready that chefs will manipulate the consciousness of target market through their new ideas. They will create new items on their menus and unique small plates; they will tempt customers with street trucks for snacks and amazing smells and ingredients of sharing meals.

Vegetarianism & flexitarianisnm

The changes of restaurant concepts and trends will  introduce a variety of new dishes made up of igneous recipes. Consumers will be able to order not only the last trend, fresh vegetables siding up to proteins, but also the new ones such as richness of veggies meals in menus. Because consumers become vegetarians and order meat meals only on the special occasions, it benefits restaurants. The trend of flexitarianism presents new profit-making avenues for chefs to qualify veggies for high or prestigious billing. Paramount veggies ready for the limelight include Brussels sprouts, kale, carrots and cauliflower.



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New trend for drinks

The adoption of ethnic techniques in artistic preparations of new dishes that are making entry into the restaurants is all time high. However, the chefs’ creativity is not limited to this scope. Chefs are employing their creativity beyond the dishes and are coming up with beverage novelty as well. Restaurants are extensively crafting everything from crave able small-batch sodas, including retro quenchers like house made small ale and handmade innovative drinks, to foreign refreshers such as the South American aguas frescas. Consumers are also seeking more authenticity at restaurants, especially in ethnic dining. The new trend will definitely introduce more food and beverage pairings that accomplish an ethnic dining experience. For instance, street burritos are served with Mexican horchata and a dish of chicken tikka is paired with lassi, a mango drink.

Bread innovations

Restaurants no longer consider bread a main menu item and are unlikely to serve it for breakfast unless the customers make an order. Furthermore, restaurants are charging for a breadbasket, especially elaborate breads and rolls. The new trend of modern restaurants is homemade bread; baking in the restaruants helps to save costs. 


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