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The chocolate consumption in UK has remand high despite emergence of other competing beverages. Chocolate industry has therefore remained strong as it retains its large market base. The success has however not come as a mere chance but is a result of extensive method of improving, differentiating and advertising of the chocolate products. Some companies that are involved in the production and provision of the products include Divine chocolate company, Hotel chocolat and J. S Fry &Sons among others. Chocolate is sold in different form like chocolate powder, chocolate biscuits and chocolate baked cakes just to mention a few. The most popular chocolate brands are mars, galaxy, Cadbury and kit Kat. This essay discusses brand equity, brand community and tribal marketing and brand market communication drawing examples from galaxy, Cadbury and mars chocolate brands in UK chocolate industry.

Brand Equity.

Brand is a distinct name, symbol or design or a combination of them aimed at identifying and differentiating a brand of a certain manufacturer from the competing products (Schultz et al. 1993). Brand equity is a term used to describe the value of a strong and well know brand in the market field. Mars is the most known chocolate brand among the three brands. It’s closely followed by Cadbury and galaxy is not far. The brand have effective established themselves in the market based that we can say they have achieve the definition of strong brands. Unlike the other less known brand, the three brands are familiar with most UK population. Mars is however strong than the other hence has more advantage the rest.



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Customer based brand equity aims at attracting and holding the customers loyalty. It measures the customer’s response to a brand to determine its acceptance by the public. The customers based brand equity modal consists of four stages which include creating awareness, making the public associate themselves with the product, crating positive image and finally creating customer loyalty. Mars brand has recently added another differentiated brand products  called mars caramel. The company began by creating awareness about the new differentiated mars brand. The brand packed in attractive packets and was of quality which made public to associate themselves with the brand. Through advertisement, the company improved the image of the brand. The brand was easily accepted by the public. The other two were introduced more less the same way which improve their image and created customer’s loyalty to the brands.  In additional to quality, the three brands are affordable to most people in UK (Rook 1999).

Mars, galaxy and Cadbury are examples of brands that have achieved strong brand equity. There are benefits that accrue when a brand achieves this position.  First, it is possible to predict the income from these brands. Strong brand are able to maintain their market base even when a new competitor enters in the market place. The brands’ market is therefore, stable which makes the company accurately predict its income.  The industry also enjoys increased income from these brands due to their strong brand equity in UK. The acceptance of the brands has increased sales while the advertisement has been reduced since it has become less necessary. According to Chertonay, strong brand equity is an asset to the company (kimmel 2005).

Brand equity is attained through a stipulated process. The industry began to create brand equity by creating awareness about the brands hence introducing them to into the market. The brands are all of high quality hence meeting the customers’ expectations. Awareness was mostly done through media such as televisions and radios but the recently differentiated brands products have enjoyed the website and magazine advertisement. Mars caramel which is the recent introduce mars brand was mostly advertised through online means in addition to the media and bill boards that were strategically placed in UK. The second step involved elaboration of the brands features so that customers can be able to remember and identify it from other products. The brands have distinct features such as colours that are identical from other products.  Example of the brand features include the  beautiful purple colour of the Cadbury, the well written word of the mars brand and the beautiful and well design galaxy packets. The final stage involves maintaining the image of a brand for long period of time. The brands have dominate the UK market for many years with mars been in the market for over 80 years. This fact makes the industry retains the UK market base despite the change in the business climate and stiff competition from other beverages and food products (Schultz et al 1993).

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Consumer based brand equity CBBI can be positive or negative depending on how the customers responds to a brand. A positive CBBI is achieved by ensuring the brand meet the preference of the customer’s and creating awareness about the product. A positive CBBI is very important in market of a brand. The three brands have all received a positive image CBBI. A numbers of advantages have accrued to the industry due to the positive CBBI. They include the creation of customer loyalty which is very common with the mars brand and increasing profit margin which has busted the expansion of the industry. The industry enjoys reduced cost of advertisement since the customers have taken the product as part of their life. Other advantage includes enhancing cooperation between the distributors, suppliers and the customers.  The industry is able to withstand stiff competition from other beverages. (Kahle & Kim 2006).

Equity brand is created by the brand image.  Brand image should be easy to remember and identify it from other competing brands. Brand awareness is then necessary as it help create a positive image of a brand. Chocolate industry has created a positive brand image through frequent exposures of the brands slogan, creating a memorable product and making people to associate with the brands.  Brand awareness has helped customers to learn about the brands and make an informed choice. The colourful purple colour of the Cadbury, the beautiful package of the galaxy and the unique package of the mars brand makes the product identical and memorable (Schultz et al, 1993).

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Positive CBBI and the positive image are aimed at reposition of the brand. Reposition is a process of making a brand distinct from the other people. The chocolate industry has reposition its’ brands through communication, giving their brands unique names and conducting of research to determine what the customers really want. The communication has helped the industry to clear the prejudices that public may have over the give brands. Researches that are frequently done are very crucial as they alerts industry on entry of a competitor and help to determine exactly what the customers want and in turn, recommend for positive change to be taken on the brand quality (Gapalon 2007).

Brand Marketing Communications

Communication is passing or conveying of information from one party to another. Communication is very important in maintaining a strong and positive CBBI of given brand. A company must maintain a good communication with its customers and its suppliers. Contact also involves company’s response towards the customer’s complaint. The communication should be friendly simple and entertaining but should be able to achieve its objectives of informing people about a product. Industry should have extensive communication networks so that it can gain more response from their customers. The chocolate industry in UK has a well elaborate means of communication ranging from media communication to personal communication.

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Communication of UK chocolate market can be analysed through a number of aspects. The market conditions are essential as it gives the industry the method to use to communicate to them and also to receive their responses. The wide and dense market requires a wide means of communication which uses language that caters for all diversity. Media such as radio, television and magazine have been used to communicate to the large market especially in urban area. A small market does not require an extensive communication means. However, the three brands have a large market and rarely use personal sales. The wider and diverse market in UK has therefore, left the chocolate industry with no option other than communication mostly through media such as radio. Currently, it also uses internet such as email in communication, face book and twitter. Example is the galaxy face book, and Cadbury twitter. The industry has also embrace communication though magazines that are realised periodically .This has greatly improved the industry performance and sales.

Customer’s perception is another aspect of communication the industry has considered. The customer perception about a product is very crucial as it can affect the amount of sales of a brand. Communication is needed to create and correct a bad perception that an individual has concerning company. Public may have biases perception about a company which may negative impact the brands. The industry has maintained communication that helps to correct this bias and clarify any issue that may soil brand image.  The essence of a good image is to positing the brands where they deserve to be. The strong brands increase the sales hence high income. Chocolate industries in UK have managed to create good customer perceptions through effective communication (Gopalan 2007).

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The nature of the market can be effectively studied through market segmentation. Market segmentation is the division of the market into units that have similar characteristics. The aim of segmentation is to enhance proper planning in distribution of the product. The industry has mainly classified the industries on the bases of demographic, behavioural and the geographic. Demographic considerations have targeted at the income level, the age of the target markets sex, race and family status of the UK population. Behavioural considerations include user status, usage rate, usage occasion, brand and benefits sought. Geographical factors examine the location of its market. Under this factor, the industry, have the population in the urban areas such as London and the countryside population in UK. The industry has segmented its market based on all the considerations. The operation, planning and distribution of the chocolate brands has been facilitated by this method (Rook & Levy 1999).

Understanding of the segments leads to application of the integrated marketing communication which is necessary to convey message to all people.  One method of communication cannot effectively convey message to all market segments hence the needed to combine a number of them. Integrated marketing communication is the strategic combination of elements of communication so that there is effective and economical transaction. The elements of communication that best suit a certain segment are applied on that specific segment while a different one in a different segment. This has been the case in the chocolate industry in UK where they combine a number of communication method to reach out the large and diverse market in UK. The industry uses the magazine and the online communication to target the urban population while the television are mainly for rural population ( Atkin 2004)

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The industry uses an integrated marketing communication that is economical, enhancing, efficient and effective. The method is affordable thus does not consume the industry revenue in communication. It has enhanced communication in an effective and efficient way. The integrated marketing communication have coherence, consistency, continuity, and complementary to the communication. Its reliability and predictable nature has enhanced efficiency communication between the different parties. Chocolate industry communication has maintained effective communication by use of this communication method. The integrated marketing communication has ensured that the three brands are positioned effective in UK market. 

There are many communication media used by the chocolate industry in UK. Some of the common used includes television, radio, print, and websites, among others. There are mainly used to advertise the brand to a target market. The advantages that have accrued due to this include increase in sell, creating customer loyalty and creating awareness others. However, advertising is costly hence consuming the industry income. Social media which is mostly used is not as effective as personal sales. Moreover, it lacks direct feedback which may be of help to the industry.

Brand community and Tribal Marketing

Brand community is a community that is formed based on attachment of different people in a certain product. It has four parties that includes customers brand product and marketer .The community is united by the brand, which creates a kind of relationship.  The brands have created and maintained a community of its’ own that is united by the brands. Community is important as every individual requires others in order to meet their needs. Community enables sharing of ideas and also creates a sense of moral responsibility. A brand community entails the brand culture, history, rituals and traditions of a given. Chocolate industry in UK has established a community based on the brands which have improved the communication between the involved parties as well as promoting customers loyalty.

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There are three kinds of relationships in brand community. They include brand personality, brand as friend and brand as a religion. When a customer develops a sense of sincerity and excitement about a product, then the brand relation is personal one. Sometimes customers move beyond the personal attributes to a feeling of having a relationship with a brand. This relationship is referred to as brand as a friend. The last relationship is when a brand becomes a point of focus to many people. The community become addicted to the brand hence becomes part of life. This relationship is referred to as brand as a religion. Mars chocolate brand have reached a point of being referred to as brand as religion. The UK people have integrates mars brand in the life. Galaxy and Cadbury can be said to the in the brand as a friend and gradually approaching the nest level ( Richardson 2013).

Cults brand is a product that has a strong customer loyalty. The customers are fanatic about the product since they are deeply touched to it. Attaining of the brand cult requires extensive endeavours to develop and maintain a deep customer loyalty. It beyond no doubt that people in UK has become fanatic of the mars chocolate brand. This other two are still on the way achieve attain this level.  To build a strong cult brand, the chocolate have and is undertaken some endeavours. First, the industry frequently undertakes research that is aimed at determining the needs of the target market. The industry then determines what to produces to satisfy the customers.  During production, the brands are differentiated completely from these of competing companies.  This is done through incorporation of brand language logo and symbols that a well known to the customers. The brands are of high quality and meet the test and preference of customers. The three brands have unique and attractive packages that are easily identified. The Cadbury has a colourful purple package, galaxy has an attractive and well design package will mars have a well written mars word on the packet (beiger 2005).

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Last is the discussion of the factors that has influence customer satisfactory in UK. The quality of the three brands is the major factor that have facilitated costumer satisfactory. High quality products fully satisfy the customer’s needs than a low quality product. Galaxy, mars and Cadbury success is mainly attributed to the high quality of these brands. The industry has strived to maintain a high a high quality brands that fully meet the customers’ needs. Consumer emotion has also contributed greatly to the consumer satisfactory.  The human needs are mostly based on the human emotions hence a positive emotion towards a products is more satisfactory compared to negative emotions. The positive emotions that the industry has created to the customer through communication, has seen a great increase in the brands satisfactory. Other factors that have influenced the industry satisfactory include the personal moods, the affordable prices of the brands and attributions for service success and fairness (Asker 1991).


Mars brand has for a long time dominates the chocolate industry in UK. This has given it an opportunity to establish firmly over the other two brands but has disadvantage of failing to strategically segment its market. It popularity have reduced the expansion of the other brand. Cadbury has advantage of good market segmentation over the other. However the brand is not as popular as the mars. Galaxy has advantage of being appearing to the customer then the other but is not well know and established as the other two..  

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This essay has discussed brand equity, brand community and tribal marketing and brand market communication drawing examples from galaxy, Cadbury and mars chocolate brands in UK chocolate industry. These three brands have maintained their market and consequently success despite emergence of competitors due to strength in UK. Some of the methods the industry has taken to maintain this success include improving their quality, differentiating their products to improve the brands image and improving communication with their customers.  Advertisement has also contributed to this success. Advertisement is mainly build done through media such as television, radio, prints, and websites, bill board among others. The brands have been embraced by many people in UK and the industry has a promising future.


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