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While the upload of tailored vids can be characterized as a form of expression, it is essential that the use of other people’s work is adequately acknowledged and authorized where applicable. Additionally, considering the costs versus benefits to the original owner of materials used, there are more pros than cons in the creation of vids, where the original owners of the materials used to create the vids are exposed to a wider audience. However, these actions pose an ethical dilemma. The use of another person’s intellectual property without authorization constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights and unethical behavior (Smith, 2011). Consequently, the intellectual properties’ utility is lost since the rightful owners do not benefit from their work. Therefore, the creation and uploading of vids constitutes unjust acts aimed at reaping where one has not sown.

Meanwhile, the ease in which information is accessible on the internet makes it significantly difficult to protect copyrighted materials and intellectual properties. This has led to the increased instances of piracy, where copyrighted materials are duplicated without the owner’s permission. Therefore, the internet has become an avenue in which people can commit unethical acts such as piracy for their own benefits without considering the owner’s rights and entitlement in lieu of their copyrighted property (Hunnewell, 2010).



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The act of creating and uploading vids has a net effect of depriving copyright owners of significant amounts of money. This is an aversion to an individual’s economic justice where people are entitled to benefit from their work. The establishment of websites which enables access to videos and music clips online creates ambiguity in determining the legal entitlement in using another person’s copyright material. Additionally, the lack of control measures in the internet leads to unfair practices. However, the extent of unfairness to copyright owners can be attributable to the degree in which the copyrighted material is being applied in the context material of the vids.


A number of internet sites require a user to purchase copyrighted content; however, other internet websites offer the same material in exchange for an equivalent upload while others offer the same material for free. This indicated that the internet is not subject to uniform rules and regulations. Therefore, it is almost impossible to control the extent to which copyright materials are used in creating vids.

A defined number of countries have stringent laws that govern the use and application of copyright materials while others have limited regulations (Hunnewell, 2010). In light of this, if the law on the use of copyright materials does not indicate where a line is drawn when using copyrighted material, the onus is on the user. While the creation of vids might have a considerable advantage to the copyright owner, the extent to which copyright material is used should be limited. This should also be acknowledged in a professional manner in order to indicate that the creator does not represent the copyright materials as his/her own. Hence, there should be a significant difference between the original materials from that of the vids.

The legal, ethical, and justifiable way of using copyright materials is through seeking authorization from the owners, especially where vids are to be used in the promotion of a business or a profit making venture. Additionally, if the use of the copyrighted material is expected to be extensive, then a contractual endorsement by the owner is appropriate where parties of the contract benefit simultaneously (Smith, 2011).

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Meanwhile, similar copyrighted material can be purchased online or in respective outlets such as music stores. Once the copyright material has been acquired, it should not be used in such a way that the original context of the copyrighted material is altered or abused. Additionally, the copyrighted material should be acknowledged accordingly. These factors will ensure that the copyright owners’ work is respected and preserved.


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