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Question 1

The basis seems to be that they are all forms of human knowledge that goes beyond mere science of trying to produce new information as a countenance of the old ideas. The four processes of lateral thinking, creativity, insight, and humor are all mind processes that combine culture and education to communicate ideas.  The four processes differ from one another in their approach to understanding the ideas presented. Lateral thinking for instance, is a deliberate process that uses both relevant and irrelevant information to achieve the end result. Creativity, humor and insight can be achieved through serendipity and thus do not need conscious deliberations.

Question 2

The statement that insight, creativity and humor can only be prayed for is not supported or explained. This is because insightful thinking, creativity, and humor can be learned over time. Some people have become humorous or creative through learning. Insightful thinking is the driving force behind educations systems nowadays. The claim that creativity, insight, and humor do not require a deliberate approach is not backed with facts and thus requires further explanations. The other statement that requires further evidence is that insight is the only effective way of changing ideas in a myth condition. It is also to change ideas through thinking forms such as critical thinking and creativity to come up with objective solutions.

Question 3

In my understanding, critical thinking a whole range of actions including analyzing, synthesizing, comparing, evaluating and conceptualizing among others that are aimed at awakening the individual intellect to self-study and come up with sound conclusions. In essence, critical thinking is a bundle of other forms of thinking including lateral thinking, vertical, thinking, insightful thinking, creativity, and humor. De Bono’s description of lateral thinking is a subset of what is contained within the larger critical thinking. The common point between the two forms of thinking is that they both endeavor to apply human knowledge in an extraordinary way to come up with new and plausible ideas. Critical thinking is wider and expansive in application than what de Bono defines as vertical thinking.


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