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Bahamas is one of the countries in American continent which as more than 3000 island. It is situated north of Cuba along the Atlantic Ocean. The country has a significant growth in oil production, but its efforts of becoming superior in oil industry has been shunted down by numerous oil spilt accidents within and outside the oil production area. Some few weeks ago, there was oil split tragedy in Freeport Harbor by a company known as BORCO one of the leading oil production companies in Bahamas. It was reported that the split occurred in early morning hours when one vessel was been loaded by another vessel. It was reported that that the oil split which started around past spread several kilometers from where Freeport Harbor is located, hence it had become environmental disaster in island ocean shores.

The most recent oil spill in Grand Bahamas occurs in early February and reports on the spill have raised alarms on the effects the spill has caused to the community and the environment of the grand Bahamas. The oil spill is not the first to be observed in the same environment and the issue has indicated a thorough check that should be made on the oil transport ministry. This latest oil is reported to her released about two hundred and ten gallons of oil into the island as a result of a spillover of light diesel from a bunker. The spill occurred early in the day.



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Immediately after the reports of the spill, the environment ministry made swift clean up plans to ensure that the spill did not affect a large part of the island hence the damage was controlled. The ministry issued all the required equipments to prevent the movement with the help of the ports authority who kept track of the activities and by midday the exercise was almost over until the weather hindered the operation.

Despite the efforts to quickly take care of the spill by preventing its spread, several negative impacts arose. The spillage no matter is miniature spread on the island ruined part of the ecosystem. Reports on the spillage show that no damage was made on the environment but this is because the effect was invisible. The small organisms of the island must have experienced difficulties in breathing due to blockage of clean air and oxygen by the oil. Likewise the plant matter that maintains oxygen balance in the area was most likely damaged as their respiration was interrupted such as, the larvae.

The other negative impact that was intentionally ignored on the community residing in the Grand Bahamas was the interruption of their daily businesses by the ministry in order to curb the spillage. The people who conduct businesses were put to a stand still for some hours and this might have affected the financial situation of the people. The calamity was abrupt and all business deals were cancelled as the clean up group was given time to ensure all the area is free from the spillage hence interrupting people.

However, several positive impacts resulted from the oil spill in Bahamas. The clean up exercise was gradual as no one expected the spill hence manual labor was desperately needed. The clean up group consisted of many local citizens and this was a job opportunity for most of the jobless members of that society. The criterion used for recruiting the laborers was simple as they needed quick control of the oil spill. Therefore most people succeeded in landing themselves a job a pay. The community benefitted largely as it was given the first priority for the cleaning, (Ehlers, 2006)

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Currently, assessment of the damage caused by the oil spill is underway and the teams put in place are mostly the environmental officers and heads of the ports. The government is taking part in ensuring that thorough efforts to curb the situation are checked, the control and measures to improve safety of the marine environment are checked. The transport and aircraft ministry is taking the greatest responsibility after the event of the spillage to analyze the cause of the spillage and the measures to control another occurrence of the same.

Experts of environmental assessment and control have established the plan to check for any environmental damage and make the necessary improvements. The Government is funding all the efforts made by all the teams put in place. The weather services are keeping track of the weather conditions in the beach for the safety of the divers who are working on checking the oil pipes under water. The divers have main jet for oil is now closed to control the any spillage in order to make the necessary correction in the pipeline system. Seven pipelines are not functioning at the moment in order start the repairing process.

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The transport industry is working on conducting daily fly over to check for any spread that may have resulted from the spill. The spread is rare to detect in vast waters on the shore hence port officers through he aircraft industry are checking the oil spread through an aerial view. The monitoring of transport vessels is made through the aircraft industry and the operations are on a daily basis, (National Research Council, 1998).

In addition, the government has established efforts to enhance communication relationships between them and the community at the Bahamas in the event of another oil spill. This is to provide a quick response of the responsible ministry of the government and this would control the spread of the damage. Good relations are important for promoting a well organized system so that disaster at the beach can be curbed quickly.

The government is also making efforts to maintain a balance in protecting the people with business at the beach and the marine department. The work taking place at the Bahamas is giving the businesses a difficult time in their daily running. This may cause conflicts among the operators of the port and beach activities and also the common citizens aiming to make profits from the tourists visiting the beach. Ensuring that all the small businesses are not ruined is the work of the government in making sure all the parties at the beach work without any pressure from each other. In view of this, the oil spill at the Bahamas has ensures the participation of the government in control of another spillage.


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