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Cell phones are of high importance to everyone in the modern world as they facilitate communication between people from different parts of the world. Thus, different cell phone companies have come up with different cell phone gadgets and platforms in order to facilitate their communication technologies. Today, there are a number of cell phone companies; however, the most well-known are Nokia and Samsung. There brands are in great popularity in the cell phone market. Nokia is the largest dominative company in the world with a big share of the market mostly in Europe and Asia, while Samsung which has an in depth market in the most dominating economies in the world like in the United States of America.

Nokia Corporation was started in 1967; it realized itself as a highly creative telecommunication Service Company that dealt with creation of mobile devices and provision of network services to various organizations. Nokia corporation products have been in quarterly range among the cheapest products in the mobile and telecommunication industry. Now, it is globally known for its products as it produces lots of mobile devices resulting to a big share of the market (Smith, 2007). It has created a world where everyone is connected wirelessly with mobile devices. The Nokia Company is one of the growing phone companies but it is not a dominated one, Apple Store has a great popularity in United States of America and all over the world. Nokia serves its market and customers with different types of products as well as services, thus, connecting people. Its markets are in North and South America, in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. This is as a result of its brand name and advanced products the company is manufactured, therefore, attracting various types of consumers. Nokia Company is more dominant among African nations which are the biggest market for its products.



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Another cell phone company is Samsung Electronics Company limited which is based in South Korea. The company does not only deal with the production and development of cell phones, but it is known for almost all household equipment which instantly attracts a variety of consumers. Therefore, it range from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to house hold equipment like fridges, TV sets, memory chips, LCDs. (Smith, 2007). Samsung Galaxy tab is one of the bestsellers after Apple IPhones.

In the United States, a lot of people prefer gadgets from Apple Store, however, Samsung and Motorola are also favorable. Nokia mobile company, have been around for a longer time on the market but it has not evolved over through time. Although it has introduced new products in the market, they cannot meet the standards of Samsung with new platform features.

Apple Company has become a favored brand among many citizens in the United States. Among the beginners Apple is considered as one of the most profitable companies in the world. Apple Corporation, like others tried to create a phone which would be multifunctional and would meet the expectations of everyone. And they did. The company engaged in developing designs and implementation it into PC, laptops IPads, IPhones, IPods and others. The Apple Corporation is unique for its software as well, which is extremely comfortable for students, business and daily life.

It should be underlined that the Apple Corporation had stimulated the growth in the economy, moreover, their products had changes the idea of technology. Steve Job had changed the level of communication between people. The technology is innovative and impressive as it is empowered with intelligence unlike a lot of other gadgets which are created to perform its main functions. Apple products they are extraordinary as they the phone has much more than anyone can imagine. Its latest development in the software world has produced software platforms like latest development of operating systems, that have been tested on other smart phones like Samsung and iPhone and the results have what it takes to promote the company in the field of mobile operating system development.

The Apple and Samsung Corporation manufacture cell phones that have the best operating system while performing their features. Their products are properly and smartly created so that both skilled and unskilled people can easily manage and operate them. This favors the elderly and young people a lot who may not be familiar with some features. On the other hand, the Samsung Company, which started to manufacture smart phones with Android software comparatively late, in such a way, tries to attract the high class customers that in some extent will expand the sales rate.

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It is worth mentioning that besides all companies mentioned above there is Motorola mobile company which is the oldest on the market. The products of Motorola are really value for money. The prices are reasonable in contrast to Samsung, Apple and Nokia devices which are a bit expensive. Everyone would love to have in their phones. Motorola provides solutions to almost every individual business organizations in the world and country. Basically being the dominant in the United States in solutions to wide range of media developments, thus almost every agency in the country which incorporate the platform of CISCO, connects different companies that develop suitable technology for the development of networks in the country. This attracts attention, thus, forming relationship with the customer. Brand image is the core of any organization, as it shows what company is it and the customer feels that he is a part of it. On the other hand products which do not catch the consumer’s image, does not have a slogan thus without the slogan its brand image does not sell or get consumer attention hence it’s not connected to its customers, users or potential market.

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Motorola cell phone gadgets do not have any noise or disturbance while making a call. Its users are always satisfied with the quality of sound the phone produce. Samsung phone has also a nice quality of sound; fortunately their products are durable and efficient. They do not get spoiled very fast and last for a very longtime when using them like the Nokia 1280, the durability of this phone is realized. For example, Samsung Galaxy is strong enough in the meaning of keeping the battery full, besides, and the screen is protected from the scratches and other signs.

In this industry in which these companies are leaders on their different perspectives, they have lead in the development of research institution with the only agenda in defining the development of technology focusing on their development of their products. Both Apple and Motorola have taken both international grants in developing research centers in the evaluation of technology which helps them to provide research for other governments that are interested in advancement in changing the telecommunication field of information delivery and gathering.

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Motorola has had an initiative that looks into the advanced of human artificial intelligence in case of conversing in issues regarding to their safety in case its during emergence may be development of research functions which can be implemented in the development of human management in security missions, like security robots only if their research in cognitive human development facilitates these implementation. Defining the companies is research in order to achieve the most optimum development in the case of gaining recognition for their properties, it has lad to improved financial economy not only providing jobs also creating job opportunities for other people in the industry these has had instant impacts into the evaluation of the national economies of the countries where they are based.

Lastly these mobile companies have almost the same leading opportunities in defining their development criteria in the business model world din which they have managed to lead the visionary fields in technology, media production, personal computers implementation and finally they have changed the technology in the business model and world.


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