Free «The Gucci Fashion Dress and the Target Consumer: Normative Perspective Analysis» Essay Sample

Every period of time, in the lives of people many fashion items hit the market, targeting persons or certain class of people. Numerous studies have indicated that social groupings have enormous impact on individual behaviours, especially on choosing the alternatives (De Paoli & Lipinska, 2013). It, thus, means that belonging to a particular group of people can influence choices we make in terms of dressing and participating in certain activities. The above ladies’ dresses from the picture are known to belong to a particular group of ladies who, in one reason or the other, would spend anything to purchase the items. Gucci is considered a luxury brand – and given its brand recognition and quality influence the fashion trend. The photo indicated above shows particular dresses that are known to be popular with models or celebrities.

The decision to purchase an item like the ones in the picture is a choice that is affected by various information-processing situations. These situations are often a result of influence of reference groups, which are the standards of comparisons that helps to do self-appraisal or as a reference points for belief and attitude. When a model decides to dress one of the dresses the picture demonstrates, it is likely to influence a group of fans who would also claim the same types of dresses (Hatfield, 1991). It is noted this number of people may be in particular demographic background, such as age group or a profession.

The dresses are also indicative of social values that individuals, mostly of class, conceptualized as a belief of social importance. This kind of representation of the desired social status often influences persons to make the decision to buy. The display of dresses fitting the conventional model-bodied ladies as well acts like an influencing factor to other persons, who can be willing to buy such items. Being a fashion sample, the presentation of dresses is an indication of a mixture of old vs. new, class and status. It is no wonder fashion houses use celebrities to dress the new products to facilitate mass sales.


The picture used for the analysis displays a collection of ladies’ dresses targeting young individuals at the high end market. The desire to belong to a certain group defined by class, values, social status, age, or profession may be the driving factor towards buying such items.  


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