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The narrator of "How Do You think It Makes Your Mother Feel"s demeanor and words raise the question of whether he is a sympathetic character, whether he is trustworthy or not. The narrator does not come off as a sympathetic character as he narrates the story of how he was confronted by his mother and how his actions led to his mother's embarrassment when he lets his mother fall (Frey, 2005). It is also not sympathetic of him to laugh at his mothers concern over his drug problem.

It can be argued though in the narrator's favor that his actions are due to the unexplainable rage he feels towards his parents since childhood. On the other hand a sympathetic side of the narrator comes out when he refuses to let his parents take the blame for his addiction as he acknowledges that they did all they could (Runciman & Anderson, 2005).

The narrator shows conflicting signs of his trustworthiness. He takes the bold step of not allowing genetics and his family history to take the blame for his addiction. He takes upon his self the problem of his addiction by acknowledging that his actions are ultimately his responsibility and a result of his personal choices (Runciman & Anderson, 2005). The narrator is very truthful in acknowledging that he feels a rage against his parents though he cannot explain why.



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It would take a very brave and candid person to express such sentiments against his parents without due justification. On the other hand the trustworthiness of the narrator is put into question due to his actions at the camp. He is sent to a rehabilitation camp to cure his drug problems but he instead teams up with another addict and continues with the habit behind his parent's backs (Frey, 2005). The fact that he does not want his parents to look at his things entail that he has a lot of things to hide.

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