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Recent survey and researches evidently proved that cognitive and behavioral differences are high in students those who exposed to stress. The trauma completely changes the vision, alter our own surrounding and way of approaching others and environment. These behavioral problems results in learning deficiencies and performance problems. The students exposed stress can come out of those problems through trauma-specific interventions. Before that, it is necessary to understand why traumatized students learn and behave differently than other students. The activated state of arousal is the first effect of consistent expose to stress. The arousal implies that fear for safety or state of alert. At the moment of arousal brain prompted by stress related function (van der Kolk, 1996).

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The functioning of left brain namely Hippocampal is highly affected due to trauma. At the state of arousal survivors are frozen and it became difficult for a brain to process information due to the functional change in the neocortex Perry & Szalavitr (2006), Bremmer (2001). And it’s proved that taurmatized student feel difficulty in attending, retaining, focusing and recalling the verbal information. These are the primary effects in students due to prolong expose to stress. The other major psychological problem is low self esteem, hopelessness and poor in problem solving. The generation of glucocorticoids, such as cortisol during the stress completely damages the left brain which results in memory deficit Yang and Clum (2000). The early negative life events have strong impacts on suicidal behavior and cognitive insufficiency.

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Trauma affects the brain even at the stage of childhood. Trauma victims usually get frozen and unable to think to do action properly. At that point, arousal decline is important for function refurbishment. So by providing trauma-specific interventions in schools helps traumatized students through changing their thoughts and to come out of the behavioral troubles. Sensory experience is the first step in successful cognitive intervention. Understanding the levels of intervention is very essential to restore the behavioral and cognitive function. The trauma experience is fixed in couched memory referred as procedural memory. That is how the central nervous system remembering and recalling the events. As discussed before trauma can arouse (trigger) or activate the automatic function of nervous system to solve the alleged threat. The deactivation of such arousal state leads to behavioral dysfunction. In this state a victim experience an absence of sense of safety or sense of powerlessness (Le Doux, Romanski, & Xagoraris, 1991). As teacher in the classroom it is a responsibility to follow the student behavior and to identify the problem if any. The National Child Traumatic stress Network suggests “that you seek support and consultation routinely for yourself in order to prevent “ compassion fatigue,” also referred to as “ secondary traumatic stress.” Be aware that you can develop compassion fatigue from exposure to trauma through the children with whom you work”.

The general advice to the class room teachers is if you notice any significant difference in a particular student behavior and mood that continues for more number of days immediately convey your observations with the parents and with your school’s mental. A school organization can integrate school wide trauma sensitive approaches to teaching. School’s success in training traumatized students is the establishment of supportive and safe. The function of traumatized students based on the relationship between a teacher and the trauma victim. As a teacher, for students with post trauma stress he or she should be caregiver because they are persons with whom students spend most of their time. So the teachers should keep them physically and emotionally safe and secure during their school days.


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