Free «Domestic Terrorism» Essay Sample

Under the FBI’s classification system, what are the five types of groups responsible for domestic terrorism in the 1980’s? Briefly explain each type of group.

Social terrorists

This group of terrorists took a hard line on social matters. They used force to get their voices heard on matters such as abortion, animal rights and others.

Ethnocentric terrorists

This is the group that harassed people on the basis of racial decent. An example is the Klu Klux Klan, who exhibited violent behavior towards the African Americans in some parts of the country.

Religious terrorists

This group of terrorists took stand on religious matters, hence the name.  Most of them were believed to be of Islamic decent. This group of terrorists remains the strongest to this day.

Right wing terrorist groups

These groups targeted governments and other national bodies. Their aim was to enforce conservative beliefs.

Left wing terrorist groups

These groups sought to bring change into the governing system of the country through violent uprising.

What is eco-terrorism?

Eco-terrorism is the use of violence to pursue or protect a course that is linked to the environment. This is perpetuated by groups trying to protect the environment, but by the use of illegal means. An example is the Earth Liberation Front (Deflem, 2004). 



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What are death angels?

The term death angels originated from a cult called the black Hebrew Israelites. Members of this cult believed that Africans and Hebrews were the chosen race by God (Michael, 2006). Their leader was called Mitchell. All the orders passed to these people were to be followed. In the 1980’s some of the members began to rebel and distance themselves from the group. The punishment for this betrayal was beheading. The people who executed these punishments were hence called the death angels.

What are Freewheeling Fundamentalists?

They are a group of right wing terrorists who relied on religious teachings and bible interpretations for their actions. They would terrorize groups of people based on what their leaders would tell them. These leaders were mostly church leaders.

What is a hate crime?

Hate crime is a violent act that is directed by one person to another, or by a group of people based on a bias against some personal attributes. For instance, a group may attack another one because of difference in race or social status.

List and define Gurr’s three types of domestic terrorists. Provide an example of each to support your answer.

Vigilante terrorism

This form of terrorism occurs normally in organized communities. The aim is usually to catch criminals that terrorize the area. These groups are illegal and their actions, although they might be noble at times, are not authorized by the law. An example is community watch groups. 

Insurgent terrorism

The focus of these terrorists’ activities is usually the government. These groups use force and threats to try and change national policies in a country. For example, if a law is passed in the parliament that a certain group feels is unfavorable to them, they will organize violent events towards the law making bodies in an effort to overturn these laws (Gurr, Bell, 2003).

Transnational terrorism

This occurs when citizens of one country execute violent activities in another country. For instance, the September 11 attacks are believed to have been facilitated by people who were not of American decent. Hence, it is a case of transnational terrorism. 


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