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Superhero is a fictional character endowed with extraordinary physical abilities or super power. He sends his abnormal abilities to the accomplishment of feats in the name of the common good. The power of different superheroes widely varies. It could be superhuman strength, ability to fly, enhanced senses, etc. Some superheroes, such as Batman, do not have superhuman powers, but reached their proficiency in martial arts and science. Others have special weapons or technology. Many characters reinforce their natural strength special weapon or device. A distinctive costume is often used to hide the secret identity. Each superhero represents and reflects the ideas of the American society.

Spider-Man is one of the popular superhero among American population. He was created to be reliable for teens and represented a departure from the previous superheroes of the time. Every superhero has a kind of motivation in the fight against crime. Spider-Man has a sense of responsibility that was developed after the death of the Peter’s uncle. The Spider-Man represents a secret identity. “For most characters, they look like a normal person but secretly they are a superhero. For Spider-Man, though, he looks like a superhero but secretly he's just a normal, kind of dorky guy” (Hughes). It also explains why this character is so popular. Unlike some superheroes, he does not have wealth or secret laboratory. He is regular American person who could not pay his bills and has to work as photographer. He is not only fight against criminals, but also fight with daily problems that make difficult his ordinary life.   

Peter Parker is a person who contains the life of the regular American person and super power of Spider-Man. Peter Parker obtained the power of Spider-Man when he was bite by the spider. After this, he obtained the power to claim the walls, use the net for transportation and catching criminals. After the death of his uncle, he takes the responsibility to maintain the order in the city. Reporters try to vilify his reputation, but he became a hero for the city in the end.  Peter Parker was fall in love with Mary Jane. However, he could not be with her. He understands that the girl of the superhero could be used by his enemies against him. The main feature of this character is that principles and ego of Peter Parker are the same as for Spider Man. It makes the character of the super hero very appealing.   

The Spider-Man represents for American society a character that has solid moral principles, including the willingness to risk their lives for good, without expecting rewards. Such principles often include refusal or strong reluctance to kill or use a lethal weapon. This superhero represents the sense of the great responsibility. “With great power comes the great esponsibility”. It serves for him as a motivation in the attempt to fight against criminality. He is not just a hero that tries to catch “bad boys”. He is not just use his power instincts, but tries to establish his own justice. He understands the native of the corruption forces. It allows him to see everything clear and wants to be free. Mainly, Peter Parker would like to be the kind person than hero with superpower.

Spider-Man is one of the most loved characters among superheroes in the U.S. He is closed to the common Americans, because it represents the value of the regular people. His lifestyle with bunch of problems is very similar to the American society. He reflects the American cultural idea of responsibility and honest justice.


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