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Being the age of information, the world needs various media of communication, which will enhance giving the content to the people hence achieving different goals and objectives. Each person has preferences and tastes and the choice one chooses to use in conveying the message may be dependent on the type of information to be passed or the group targeted. While music and books have their advantages and disadvantages they also have their similarities and differences. Books are a set of written, printed, illustrated sheets of paper or written electronically, while music is a form of art whose medium is sound. While both influence of Music and the influence Books advance one’s capabilities, the influence of music has a more effect on the person than books do.

Comparing and contrasting

Comparing the two, both were used in the ancient days; books were written on stones, scrolls and manuscripts while on the other hand, music was sang by our forefathers and is passed from generation to generation through oral means or otherwise (Burghardt, 2004). Music has many forms of genres e.g. country music, blues, souls and reggae, and books come in various forms which include journals, Bible, fictional and non-fictional books.



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Music is more considered than books due to it advantages. While books use eyes to relay the information, music uses the best medium that is sound. While one needs to be educated to use books, one only has to understand the language used by the song artist to be able to get the message in music. While books are a source of information music combine information and entertainment hence the better media of the two. Music can be listened to by many people at a time while a book can only be read by one person at a time, or if one person reads loudly then people must be very attentive.  Most books are generally written with a hidden message (Blass, 1994) and hence it takes time to encode the message and sometimes the message may be distorted, while music is sang directly and to the point, hence the message will not be distorted (McElmeel, 1990). Music involves other instruments thus it is seen as enjoyable and fun while books are only written on papers or online and can be claimed to be monotonous and boring.

Books require a lot of concentration to get the information, but with music, people can listen even in very noisy places and still get the message. Music preserve the culture more than books since it is in music where the artier is worn hence giving the true impression of the culture but books only describe the culture which is less effective. Most books are written in volumes while music comes in several verses and a chorus this makes it easier to comprehend a song than contents of a book. Music is global in that it travels through the waves of radio and is more frequently listened to by people, less people will take time to search books in the web unless under very pressing circumstances. Music has a catch chorus which ignites the memory of the listener and can remember the message; books are written in continuous prose making the reader to comprehend less of the given information. The volumes of a compact disk containing one artist may contain various genres of music (Pratt & Boyd, ), but a book will only contain one idea or form of writing e.g. fictional even if it is having many chapters.

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While both influence of Music and the influence Books advances one’s capabilities, the influence of music has a more temporarily effect on the person than books do. The use books will bring a bigger impact in the conveyance of any message compared to books especially dealing with the youth. Music is more outstanding in society and is more generally accepted than books, because people tend to have negative attitudes towards book warms, they are generally perceived as for the elite and educated but music is liked and listened to by all people in the social class.


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