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Equality is considered the essence of a civilized society. This essay will also examine and converse about the equality of rights, equality of social liberation, equality of justice in the human beings without any gender demarcation. Even in the modern world it is widely noticed that in some societies women do not pertain equal rights as compare to men. Because, the social norms have symbolized the women as less competitive by the both means mentally and physically, therefore, women needs help to take care of. However, this notion is quite largely change which also brought great wisdom in the human nature. The backward notion has been changed and the men dominating society has acknowledged the equal authority of women in every domain of life.

The writing and practice of two well renowned authors also demonstrated the importance of gender equality. One is “the subjection of women” by John Stuart Mill presented in 1861. And the second one is “my own story” an autobiography of Emmeline Pankhurst presented in 1914 she was also leader of British suffragette movement. Both authors have highlighted the gravity of grievance in their books.



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The subjection of women:

“The subjection of women” is one of renowned work by John Stuart Mill and a notion is also widely considered that this work had been written by Mill jointly with his wife Harriet Taylor Mill. However, the style and method used by the author to demonstrate the importance of gender equality is the basic element which prejudiced its notion. He argued and suggests that utilitarian and purposeful engagement of women in the social as well as professional activities can only elevate the excellence of women. In addition, he examines and exposes the fact that actually the male dominating society never provided a chance to women to show her excellence. Men always intentionally or unintentionally underestimated the women’s power which created perception in the society that women are less capable than the men. But the actual fact is the society never granted a chance to the women to assess their intellect on the practical approach. He strongly pointed out in his essay that if we grant a chance to women they can excel and can produce even better results than a man. He also gives some examples of English queens as Elizabeth I, or Victoria, or the French patriot, Joan of Arc and said that they all had performed well in their domain. Conclusively, he states that this is a matter of chance which can double the opportunities as well as society also benefited by the equal rights to have the mass of mental faculties available for the services of human and society ("Women and Social Movement in the United States 1600-2000").

My own story:

Emmeline Pankhurst leader of British suffragette movement has written her autobiography about his life and about the movement of women right to vote. As she was leader of a movement struggling for women right to vote and other human rights. So her style of writing and method is very different from others. Her practical involvement let her to efficiently highlight the equal right notion for every gender in the English society which was at that time has unequal norms. Therefore, she is not only a purpose full writer but also a practical worker who had put her personal efforts to resist the backward idea of men’s dominating society. She has written many personal experiences of fighting for the women rights in her autobiography. For her unmatched and tireless efforts for the women rights cause, she was named as one of the hundred most important people of the twentieth century (“Modern History Sourcebook: Emmeline Pankhurst: My Own Story, 1914”).


The feel and response is greater than the silence. Both writers had one agenda but the method was different. One highlighted the cause practically and anticipatively in the movements and struggles. And the other has only highlighted the matter through his writing to evoke the sleeping brains. But the agenda is same and the style is also same no matter there is difference in the method. In fact both are recognized as successful to highlight the issue in their respective domain. Therefore, the pursuance to the issue is greater than the method.


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