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Free «Blackberry versus Iphone» Essay Sample


Blackberry and Iphone form two different lines of smartphones that have myriad competing factors. This explains why the companies behind the manufacturing of these phones come up with new models on an annual basis. It is essential to note that when new models are launched, they come with advanced features than the former model in the market. Thus, Blackberry is made to function as a portable media player, gaming device, personal digital assistant, and internet browser. On the other hand, Iphone functions as a portable media player, camera, and internet browser. Iphone supports many applications and its user interface depends a lot on the multi-touch screen found on the device. However, Blackberry is better than Iphone since it have features such as a “voice memo option”, a auto text option, a help feature, and a key lock on demand.

This essay explicates why Blackberry is better than Iphone.

Blackberry comes with an operating system that supports input devices such as the track pad, track wheel, and track ball. The operating system also supports WAP 1.2 and Java MIDP. The latest models of Blackberry such as Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Torch have an advanced operating system. Secondly, Blackberry supports both third-party software and the software developed by Blackberry Company (Sweeny, 74). A database management system is a type of the third-party software that Blackberry supports, and it ensures that other applications supporting large volumes of data work efficiently. Blackberry also has a central processing unit that is clocked differently depending on the model. Blackberry can be used for the internet browsing, and organizations have adopted Blackberry because of the software package christened “Blackberry Enterprise Server” that allows the smartphones to be incorporated into the emailing system of an organization. Other significant features on the phone include a “Voice Memo Option”, a “help feature”, a “auto text option”, and a “key lock on demand feature” (Sweeny, 143).


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On the other hand, Iphones come with a touch screen that supports input of data. The touch screen is scratch-resistant, and they have different resolutions depending on the model. The Iphones add up as a portable media device and has two speakers; one is situated at the top, which also functions as an earpiece and another one - on the left side of the phone. Iphones have a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged when the phone is connected to a PC (Mark, Nutting and LaMarche, 91). Iphones also have a camera that supports video recording via third-party software. Iphones have a massive storage which is dedicated to storage of songs and videos. It should be noted that Iphones also have a central processing system clocked differently depending on the model, and they come with inbuilt memory, to support their functioning. Iphones also run an operating system, known as Iphone OS (Mark, Nutting and LaMarche, 45).

Blackberry and Iphone have myriad similarities. Firstly, both phones run an operating system that facilitates their functions. Secondly, both Blackberry and Iphone have central processing units that are clocked differently depending on the model. Both phones also support third-party software and applications although they do not support the same third-party applications. Blackberry and Iphone also support the internet browsing and can be used for accessing emails and online chatting (Mark, Nutting and LaMarche, 57). Both Iphone and Blackberry function as multimedia devices as they support storage of many songs and videos.

In conclusion, Blackberry and Iphone rank top in the phone industry, as they produce smartphones with many features. The Phones of these two companies share myriad similarities. However, Blackberry is better than Iphone because it has a voice memo option, a key on lock feature, an auto text option, and a help feature.


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