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The Impact both Positive and Negative of Studying Abroad

When it comes time for parents to give away their children to university, they have a headache about which educational facilities would be better for their children to choose. For some parents, it becomes clear that they should send their children for education abroad. In this case, it is necessary to weight all advantages and disadvantages of what your children will receive from the years of education in another country. Of course, the prestige and quality of education are available in their own countries. However, the general outlook of the quality of education tells that it is still better to study abroad. Moreover, there are a lot of countries that do not have any universities that are included in the list of the prestige educational facilities in the world. We all know how are valued professionals who have completed their study at universities in the U.S. or England. However, young learners and their parents should ask themselves a significant question. Is it worth it? In the case of studying abroad, parents excommunicate from their children for a long time. There will be a huge distance between them. However, on the other hand, the other side of the scale has the prestige, qualified education and the road to adult life. The educational process in the school, college or university will bring more positive emotions and an unforgettable life experience for future students with obtaining a qualified education.



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In any case, parents and their children should elaborate on advantages and disadvantages of the educational process abroad. The first thing that makes parents to worry is the point that children will be left to themselves. They are afraid that they would lose the control over them. This is one of the misconceptions. Children learn very important decisions in their lives, become more independent when they are located in a private boarding school. Sometimes, there are situations in which children cannot adapt to the new place after parental care. They have to do everything on their own. They have to prepare food and do their homework all alone. Parents have to be sure in their children, whether young learners ready for such changes. After all, they will have to get used to the unfamiliar environment and people, and spend all their time away from mom and dad. It will be accompanied by the stress. So, before deciding on this training, you should show your children to psychologist who can determine how much the child is ready for a new life. However, the early difficulties in life would contribute to the better coping with any problems in the future. It is important to say that living alone in the building with other students teaches children to clean up after themselves in the room; to be responsible for their friends; and teacher’s care inculcates discipline and helps to survive hard times in adolescents. The constant monitoring and help of the teachers would not give children be left to itself. And most of the children after completing these institutions are very grateful to their teachers, and may make confident steps safely into adulthood, as the years of living in such an environment are taught to be disciplined and responsible.

There are a lot more advantages of the studying abroad. The most appropriate time to go abroad is when you actually decided to entrance the college. “You are less tied down than after college, when you have a job, may be a family and all those other responsibilities” (MariaAbroad). There are many programs that would help you to organize your trip and studying process in another country. Today, it is a real helper in organizing your education abroad that it was before. Some students are not sure where do they want to work. There are a lot of opportunities for skillful graduated students to work in their native country or abroad. However, if the person got the education in his own country, he would not be sure what it is like to work abroad. Moreover, you can see through this educational experience, if you like to work abroad. There is another advantage for students to stay in the foreign country in order to have the international experience at work. In the foreign environment you can easily find out and compare the work conditions between your and foreign country. The foreign education would give you the privilege over your classmates. With foreign education you will polish up the resume. It will give you a competitive advantage. It is more likely to get the job position with the education abroad than without it.

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The next great advantage of the studying abroad is a unique opportunity to learn a new language. Of course, there are many of opportunities to learn different languages in your own country. The bunch of various language courses will provide you with decent education. However, there is no better approach to learn foreign language than live in the country where this language is national. In order to improve your language skills, it is not even necessary to visit different learning programs. The only thing that you need is to have as much speaking practice as you can. In foreign country, where each person is a native speaker, it is much easier to accomplish this task than in your own country. “You can learn another language. Immersing yourself in a place where they speak another tongue is the only good way to become fluent” (Goodman).  The knowledge of foreign language is an extra advantage for the job seeker.

The studying abroad gives the chance for the learners to make a real touch to the cultural features of the chosen country. Having the vacation and studying abroad for several years are two different experiences. For the time that you would spend during the studying, you can visit different cultural institutions like museums, theater, art galleries, etc. From there you can find original and truly history of the country. It would make your life experience more personal, diverse and knowledgeable. The study abroad also gives you to choose from the different professions. You may be able to graduate from the course that does not exist in your country. The desired area of knowledge will bring more satisfaction and happiness to its learners. Having the education abroad for some students could be the only opportunity to travel in far away country, where they can find out many interesting things. Moreover, you will never get the better opportunity to have new friends who have different background and interests. From them you could find out new positions or ideas in life. The ability of having internationals friends would probably allow you to travel in some extra countries in the future.

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It is very easy to list all the benefits of the having education abroad. However, there are some disadvantages in choosing the foreign country for educational purpose. In order to be able to study abroad you need to know the second language. For some students this point could be very difficult to get. If you choose to study at France, but never learned French, it would create an extra learning effort that might distract you from the main course in university. The next disadvantage is that you will be alone in strange country without the support of your family and friends. The ability to speak with them over internet would not solve all your problems that can happen to you. “That is why you could feel alone and sad sometimes. At the beginning, culture shock will not help you to feel integrated: you will need an ‘adjustment period’” (Marie). You would have to change part of your behavior. All people would be not similar to those with whom you used to spend your time in your country. You would have to adapt to new people, places to eat, places for entertainment and living. It is important to keep in mind that you would be cut off from your family. In the case, when your relatives would be struggle from some troubles, you will be not able to support them. Moreover, a new country features could scare you. You can come to the country with one picture of it, but the reality could be different.

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The main disadvantage of the studying abroad is that it is very expensive for future students. The price of one year in the foreign university could be more expensive then the five years in university in your country. Not every parent can afford to send their children to study abroad paying so much money. It is not a fact that later children would find a decent job. Except the money on the education you would need the money on your general needs. Moreover, some countries do not allow for foreign students to work and study at the same time. Parents will need to support their children during the whole academic year. It would be also very difficult for students to go back home. Students could get used to live in the chosen country. When students will come back home, they could face that all their friends changed and you would have to start all your life from the beginning.

Studying abroad could have a positive and negative effect on the students who have decided to get the education in foreign country. However, it would be the amazing life experience that would allow to the students find a decent job. “The first large-scale survey to explore the long-term impact of study abroad on a student’s personal, professional, and academic life shows that study abroad positively and unequivocally influences the career path, world-view, and self-confidence of students” (Dwyer). It would change your perception about this world and give the qualified education of the chosen area of study.


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