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The two cities compared herein are Danbury in Connecticut, Texas City in Texas, Erie in Pennsylvania and Long Island is Suffolk in Virginia; all listed as most favorite localities by Sperling’s Best Places index. There are disparities in the cost of living from cities named above. For instance, the cost of living in Suffolk is much higher than that of Erie city. According to Sperling’s Best Places to live, the overall cost of living index of Erie is 77 compared to 111 for Suffolk city. This clearly shows the existing disparity of the two cities. The highest recorded disparity is on housing followed by the utilities. In terms of crime, the indices range from 1 to 10 with high rates of crime being recorded in Texas City compared to Suffolk city. Reports from FBI indicate that the rate of violence and property crimes are the same. At the same time, the crime indices of Suffolk City are 5 compared to 7 with Danbury; this clearly shows that crime is rampant in Texas City.

The rate of unemployment and health issues is different between the Suffolk City and other cities with less population. In terms of quality life, Suffolk City command 43.3% compared to 7.8 % in Danbury City. In terms of climate, Suffolk city receives average amount of rainfall 47.8 compared to 39.4 in Erie City hence there are differences in rainfall pattern. Out of the stated statistics above, there is a different in the magnitude and occurrence of crimes, employment opportunities, and cost of living among other across the cities. The main noticeable different is that cities with a smaller population experience more challenges than others. This is in terms of social issues and climatic condition to Suffolk city which is a distance city. These more problems are mostly generated from lower revenue, meaning that smaller cities have less money to be used for important amenities.

However, there is an existing relationship which can be extracted from the statistics obtained above. For instance, crime has been reported in both cities with a slight different. Crime is mostly caused by the social problems which people undergo in their day to day lives. The rate of crime is related in both cities in that they are different with a small margin which makes little different.

A quick glance at the economic activities of these cities reveals that more of the people in Erie city are engaged in small scale production, transportation and moving materials from place. People in these areas are engage in activities which are meant just for subsistence. Comparing this with Suffolk city shows most of the opportunities are found in large scale productions, and mostly in the managerial position related to business and finance. In addition to this, Erie city is mostly characterized by occupational services and sale compared to construction and mining in Suffolk City.

There are elaborated recreational facilities in these cities ranging from parks to activities. For instance, Danbury city has its town beach with several state parks where individuals can spend their leisure time. In addition, it has public golf course and variety of tennis courts. Suffolk city has several parks for recreational purposes, which provide leisure activities to the residents. They too have golf, camps, horseback riding also boating. Some other recreational activities in this city include, but not limited to, swimming, hiking and historical sites like Big Duck. The average monthly housing rent in Erie city is between $985 and $1280 for an average house. However, cost of housing is a bit higher in Suffolk city with most houses ranging from $1200 to $1500 per month.


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