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Human society has taken to cosmetics in an unanticipated fashion. It has become one of the most popular commodities the world over. It is used by almost all cultures and peoples in contemporary society. It has become so prevalent that not only men but women have taken up to using it. However, despite their universality and pervasiveness cosmetics are used differently in different parts of the world. For example, how one would use cosmetics in Taiwan is not how another person would use it in a different part of the world. Each society has its own unique form of cosmetics and how they use it. In this essay, we shall focus on how makeup i.e. cosmetics is used in Taiwan and more specifically, the use of it in northern, southern and the middle south of Taiwan. Moreover, I would also like to make reference to the discrepancies with which people apply make up in other different areas of Taiwan.

I shall first begin with a comparison of the discrepancies in style. I would like to compare about styles. There are three different styles in Taiwan. For example, in the north of Taiwan, people always put on too much makeup, such as smoky eyes. It’s really famous that people who lived in north of Taiwan like to do that. By putting smoky eyes, people become more attractive than others.



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This shows that in the north of Taiwan is fashion and attractive is given more emphasis than in the rest of Taiwan. The style here could be conventionally termed as ‘much makeup’ in essence represents attractiveness in this part of the world. We can then look at how people use make up in the south of Taiwan. Here, people usually put on pre-makeup to protect the skin from sun; they will not put a lot of makeup on their face. Normally, the style adopted and followed in the south of Taiwan is the nature style (Euromonitor International 2011). The people here only put the pre-makeup to make one self’s become more energetic. The most suitable sentence to describe the style of the people in the south of Taiwan could be ‘nature is beauty.’

Then there are the people who live in middle-south of Taiwan who combine bits and elements of how the people from the north and south use make-up. People who live here put the cosmetics that endear to them i.e. they can either use much makeup or pre-makeup. The style in middle-south of Taiwan could be termed ‘willing is more necessary than nature.’

This moves me onto the next viewpoint, which is the difference with which people put on makeup in different sections of Taiwan. As I said, people who lived in north of Taiwan will put much makeup on face, especially eyes. The first piece of makeup that people usually see or notice is around the eyes. It therefore goes without saying that the cosmetic products that are specific to the eyes are hot commodities in north of Taiwan. In this part of the world, people put much makeup on face such as smoky eyes and try to catch everyone’s attention at first sight.

The second perspective of make up in different sections of Taiwan as set out by Giovanni Pisacane (2009) is how people in the south of Taiwan seldom put on makeup. Due to weather, cosmetics will be taken off easily. People always put on pre-makeup to protect skin from sun. It’s quite simple in south of Taiwan, to be energetic every day is the most important thing for people who live in south of Taiwan.

Finally, the middle-south of Taiwan is a combination of both north and south i.e. people put makeup by self-willing. People who live here can put much makeup to become more attractive or be natural. Because the weather here is suitable and fashion information is easily reached, the people can put on makeup as a consequence of their will.

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We can then conclude that different parts of Taiwan have a different way of applying makeup. This results from their differences in personality, habits and fashion. Despite these disparities it can be safely concluded that cosmetics are not only widely popular in Taiwan but are used across gender lines and cultures within Taiwan. A good example of this is that it is used by both men and women. What we must not lose sight of is the fact that though cosmetics help us to enhance our appearance and thereby boost our confidence the use of cosmetics should not be extended and abused.


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