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A desktop computer is a personal computer with the design intended for continuous and regular usage at a fixed location unlike a portable or mobile gadget that has no single location also called a laptop(Kay 23). There are several companies in the world today which are in the business of manufacturing computers. Competition and innovativeness is therefore very high as every company intends to offer the best machine in performance and other attributes. Dell has always been on top of the game in the field of computer making. The company has had several awards to prove this and even had a perfect score in the 2010 Corporate Equality Index. However, different computer users worldwide (ranging from students, employees, computer scientists, researchers e.t.c.) have rarely put into debate the performance of different designs of Dell desktop pc’s and laptops in different kinds of jobs.

In the world today’ computers are widely used for engineering work, research and online writing, graphic designing, gaming purposes, schooling through e-learning, movie and other media applications, social networking through social sites like tweeter, facebook, skype among others. Dell has quite a variety of pc’s and laptops to choose from. However, the performance of these different kinds of designs varies. This is due to the fact that not all machines are built for the same purpose and therefore they do not perform the same tasks. In this essay, the outstanding Dell desktop will be compared to the Alienware laptop (a product of Dell) which is exclusively a gaming laptop (Holzner 216). These machines make peoples’ lives easier but they do not possess the same qualities and some are considered to be better than others. All in all, they serve the same purposes. The grading or quality of the machines is determined by performance, compatibility with other devices or applications, portability, connectivity, productivity, synchronization, power consumption and the ability to multitask.



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The two machines have various comparisons. No matter the debates and discussions many users engage in concerning the use of a dell desktop or an alienware laptop, these machines are highly similar and compatible. This is evident in the fact that they can be ran using the same operating systems. The programs and applications used in the machines is fairly the same and there are very few software contained in either of the two that is not found in the other. Some of the media management and graphics programs found in one are almost indistinguishable from the other. Compatibility is thereby enhanced in both the dell desktop and the alienware laptop.

Despite the fuss in speed and other qualities in desktop or laptop related questions, performance of the Dell desktop is fairly the same as that of the alienware laptop. Both have varying versions which display various characteristics and specifics but all in all the general performance may be regarded as equal. It is common knowledge that both Dell desktops and alienware laptops process both input and output data required to run programs. Due to the similarities in their internal components, it happens that their data processing speed is more or less the same. Competition between the hardware developers for these two systems facilitates the production of faster data processing. Performance is therefore equally shared.

Connectivity is easy in both dell desktops and alienware laptops. They allow for connection of external devices since they both use Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology. A large number of the available USB devices can thus be connected to either a desktop or a laptop. Files can be stored on an external hard drive that is formatted using FAT32 through a USB port on either the laptop or the desktop. It is possible to connect an MP3 player, USB flash drive or smart phone to either of the two. Connectivity is therefore accessible to both the dell desktop or the alienware laptop and fairly the same.

However, these two machines contrast in many ways despite the many similarities. The alienware laptop is no doubt highly portable. This device can be carried from one location to another as it has a reasonable size and weight making it quite convenient to field workers and students or anyone who likes to keep in touch with office/work activities while on the move. This ease of movement makes a laptop quite the choice for many as it creates an avenue to work at home or to complete an assignment no matter where you maybe. This is however quite the opposite with the dell desktop pc as it is bulky and heavy making portability quite hard and almost impossible. A user with the dell desktop pc is limited to one location and movement is therefore restricted. This difference makes the alienware laptop quite the preference to many as day to day activities require mobility.

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Dell desktops are stationary machines with minimal movements and transportation. They are also bulky and difficult to move around. On the other hand, alienware laptops are highly mobile devices. This makes the alienware laptop more prone to theft and also makes it less durable. A dell desktop has a longer life than the alienware laptop as handling and physical harm is minimized by its inability to be mobile. Laptop theft and loss during transportation is rampant which is not the case with the dell desktop. Security of the alienware laptop is thereby not guaranteed but the dell desktop is less susceptible to theft. This is a factor many consider when purchasing a machine.

Alienware laptops are easy to synchronize in an area where many machines are in use at the same time for example a working unit. One laptop maybe synchronized with various other inputs using HDMI and other technologies but it is quite hard to do the same for the dell desktop as it would require the use of USB to transfer data which may lead to infections by malicious software. Synchronization is therefore easier in the alienware laptop as opposed to the dell desktop.

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Productivity of the alienware laptop is higher than that of the dell desktop.(Maxwell 31) This is the ability of a machine to be in use where use of another is quite impossible. The machine has low power consumption and a long battery life. This means that it can be used even in areas without electricity or has prolonged usage even in case of power outage. The dell desktop cannot be used in such areas and this limits its use to where power is available. Also unsaved data maybe lost in case of power blackout where other applications like the uninterrupted power supply gadgets are not fitted. This lowers the general productivity of the dell desktop compared to the alienware laptop.

Health wise, the dell desktop is safer. While using the alienware laptop, various health related complications may arise. These include; strained wrists, discoloring of the thighs due to heat emissions, effects on fertility among male e.t.c. These problems are minimized when using the dell desktop. Therefore it is safer.

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In conclusion, whether a dell desktop or the alienware laptop, end results are the same. No matter the similarities or differences, various users derive different satisfaction. However, the differences are to be considered when purchasing a pc as this may reduce disappointments. Due to the similarity between the dell desktop and the alienware laptop, it is quite hard to point out which is superior. It is, thus, advisable to let the user make the ultimate choice as per preferences.


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