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There is no consensus concerning the best place to live while comparing the city and the countryside. This can be explained by different preferences that people have, as what works for one person may not necessarily suit another one due to differences in needs and tastes. Every family has its own opinion about the place of living that would suit them best according to their experiences. For instance, an individual who has lived in the city may encounter some hardships adjusting to life in the countryside, and vice versa. Country life is associated with rural areas, farm lands, less populated places, and in most cases, there is no public transportation. However, life in the countryside area is considered to be relatively more relaxed. On the other hand, life in the city entails good transport systems, high population density, and fast pace of life among other things. It is, therefore, important to note that many different factors will attract one to either live in the city or countryside but I strongly believe that living in the city is more advantageous due to many facilities and services that it offers.



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City life is by far better than country life because of many reasons. First, the well developed and modern transportation system in the city is overwhelming. Those who do not have a car can find many alternatives to move from one point to another. For instance, trains, buses and taxis are readily available and offer convenient means of transport as opposed to rural areas where these services are not common (Beck 1). One needs a car to survive in the countryside, unless all their movements are restricted to a walking distance and with the escalating fuel prices and bad roads, this could be expensive. The transportation in the city facilitates easy movement, for example, to and from work, school, hospital and shopping areas, making life more comfortable and interesting.

The city has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities. Indeed, no one can refute this because there are many industries, businesses, government and private institutions in the city. Big companies operate in cities due to labor availability, progressive technology and developed market infrastructure, among other factors. Many young people move to the cities after graduation to look for the job opportunities unlike rural areas with very few opportunities, most of them entailing working in the farms or running grocery stores (Miller 2). Most importantly, the city does not only offer technical jobs but also semi-skilled and unskilled jobs due to busy schedules, people may choose to hire someone to help in cutting hedges, cleaning the house or even parking the car at the shopping mall. The city, therefore, takes care of everyone’s needs as far as jobs are concerned. City life offers many opportunities to make money and accumulate wealth as businesses can easily do well due to many people.

Statistics indicate that living in the city offers more opportunities to access high quality education compared to country life. Majority of good schools and other educational facilities are located in the urban areas (Beck 1). A survey in the city schools can easily reveal well equipped libraries and laboratories to enhance the learning process. There are also many sources of information ranging from public libraries to well-equipped book and movie stores. All these offer information that can help students in different fields to gain knowledge. This is, however, not the case in the countryside where good schools, libraries and the internet are sometimes hard to access.

Cities offer many options for spending free time because there are many things to do and many places to visit. For movie lovers, you can never go wrong as you will find many advanced cinemas in the city. The experience here is amazing because other than the big screens, the 3D technology will make your movie experience very interesting. There are also many theatres for stage performances and concerts that are available on daily basis. Good restaurants, bars and clubs offer revelers a chance to relax after long hours of work (Miller 1). There are many other forms of entertainment available for city dwellers, for instance, the gamblers will be happy with presence of casinos and those who love shopping will never exhaust from many shopping malls present in the cities.

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Beck (1) points out that life is luxurious in the city with few worries because all important sectors and especially health care, is taken care of. Hospitals are well staffed and equipped to meet the patients’ demands. This is not only in public hospitals but also in private hospitals as there are a lot of rich people in the city who have invested in these areas and do their best to offer good services. Qualified doctors are also available and because of good transport system it is easy to receive their services and help. One can easily access a doctor at the touch of a button.

There are many ways of describing how good life in the city is but one of the most important aspects is convenience. There are many essential things that can be accessed at any given point. The health care, clothing and food are in plenty and are varied to meet the needs of everyone in terms of types and prices. Most of the services are offered on a 24/7 basis, hence, there is no reason to worry just in case you are held up in the office or at school for you can still walk in any supermarket or grocery store at any time and purchase what you want (Miller 1). From here, you can simply get a bus, a train or a tax back home, at your own convenient time. There are also good communication facilities and the banking sector is well developed to take care of the financial needs.

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To sum up, the city offers a good opportunity to learn other people’s culture because it accommodates individuals from all aspects of life. Many people come from all over the country and world to settle in the cities. An individual learns different cultures from different areas through interaction with other people in the cities. This enhances understanding and appreciating diversity that can encourage peaceful co-existence.

There are however those on the opposing side who prefer country life, arguing that life in the city is hectic due to congestion (Beck 1). To counter this, it is important to note that this congestion originated from better services offered in the city as most people are attracted to good healthcare, education, jobs, entertainment, and businesses among other things. Congestion has never been a problem as the transport system offers good services to all people, housing needs are met by high rise housing and there is an opportunity to learn new aspects about other cultures. The isolation in the country is too oppressing and I would rather stay where there is congestion. The neighbors are far away from one another and it may take days to see anyone. People need to interact to enhance the value of life. This isolation affects other facilities because schools, health centers and even markets are situated far apart. Accessibility is also a problem because the government cannot heavily invest in sparsely populated areas. In case of an emergency it is very hard to get help from neighbors or even obtain timely ambulance or emergency response services.

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With all the evidence from the above discussion, life is more convenient and comfortable in the city as compared to countryside. There is not only better service delivery but also beautiful scenery from well-designed sky scrapers with beautiful lighting at night. The city has much more to offer to make life interesting.


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