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Researchers have known for some time now that males and females have a little bit different brain, but they believed the changes were restricted to the hypothalamus gland, the section of the brain that manages sexual interest and diet (Edmonds, 2011). A few science researchers may have confessed that male brains were indeed larger, but they would have tried to are eligible this discovering by informing people that it was because men were larger. Because brain dimension has been connected with intellect, it is extremely challenging to go around saying that men have larger minds. Yet men seem to have females defeat here; even when accounting for weight or height variations, men have a little bit larger brains.


In 2001, scientists from Harvard discovered that certain areas of the brain had different sizes in male and female individuals, which may aid balance out the overall dimension distinction. The research discovered that areas of the front lobe, accountable for decision-making and problem solving, and the limbic cortex, accountable for managing emotions, were bigger in females than in males. In males, the parietal cortex that is engaged in space discernment and the amygdala, which manages sex related and social action was bigger (Edmonds, 2011).



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In addition, men also have six and a half times more grayish matter in their brain than females. However, women have about ten times more white matter than men do have. This distinction may be responsible for variations in how males and females think. Men seem to think with their grayish matter that is filled with active nerve cells. Females think with the white matter, which comprises more of relationships between the nerve cells than in men. In this way, a female’s mind is a bit more complex in setup, but those relationships may allow a female’s brain to speed up than a male's brain (Kanazawa, 2008).

In a female’s brain, the nerve cells are loaded in firmly so that they are nearer together. This vicinity, together with quick relationships triggered by the white matter of the brain, is another account why female’s brains are faster than men’s brains. Some females even have as many as twelve percent more nerve cells than men do (Edmonds, 2011). In researching on the female’s brain, psychologist Sandra Witelson discovered that those nerve cells were highly populated on certain levels of the cortex, namely the ones accountable for alerts moving to and from the brain. This, Witelson considered, may be one cause why females usually score higher on assessments that include terminology and interaction, and she came to judge that these variations were in existence from birth (Edmonds, 2011).

The male brain is recognized by systemizing propensities and mechanistic considering. Systemizing is the will to evaluate, discover, and build a program. Men naturally figure out the way things work, or the actual guidelines that regulate the actions of a program. The objective of this is to comprehend and forecast the system, or to build a completely new one. In contrast, empathizing propensities characterizes the women mind (Kanazawa, 2008). Empathizing is the will to recognize another individual's feelings and ideas, and to resort to them with appropriate feelings. Empathizing happens when we feel an appropriate psychological response in respond to the other individual's feelings. The objective of this is to comprehend another individual, estimate his or her actions, and a link or speak aloud with him or her psychologically.


Nevertheless, the solidity of woman’s nerves, much like the size of a male’s brain, is not any quick fix for forecasting intellect. Researchers know this because they have performed imaging research on how males and females think. As discussed above, men use grayish matter, and female uses white matter, but they are also obtaining different segments of the brain for the same process. In one research, men and women were requested to utter out different terms. Men trusted just one tiny part on the left the brain to complete the process while many females used places in both right and left parts of the brain (Kanazawa, 2008). Nonetheless, both men and women pronounced out the terms similarly well, showing that there are more ways for the brain to reach the similar outcome. For example, while females face with the issue of bad character for studying charts, it may be that they navigate to landmarks in a different way. Moreover, as for intellect, regular IQ ratings are the same for both males and females (Edmonds, 2011).

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Both males and females have a large memory. The way that females remember activities, is through strong psychological components, men remember activities with techniques, rebuilding the event with components, projects, or activities that happened during the time. The hippocampus, section of the brain that is responsible for remembrance, responds in a different way to androgenic hormone or male growth hormone in men and progesterone and estrogen, in females. The modifying levels of estrogen and progesterone permit females to process psychological reminiscences better than men do (Edmonds, 2011).

Even though, males and females utilize different parts of the brain and react in a different way to traumatic circumstances, they still fix issues similarly well. In fact, they have similar objectives when tackling issues and simply use different techniques to find alternatives. Since men are aggressive and have less concern, females are thought to have more understanding. However, both have physical alarm systems when confronted. The only difference is in the reaction as males react with violently (Kanazawa, 2008).

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In summary, there are several variations between the male and female brain. The variations are accountable for the different mental abilities between men and women. Different parts of the female brain perform different activities to the same parts of male brain. Studies on differences and similarities in male and female brain are helpful as it is responsible for accounting the different behaviors between males and females.


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