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The proper educational process for the children could include such measure as spanking. Some people believe that this is a good way to raise children, while some experts argue with this claim. This research paper reveals a short history of the spanking. Research reveals pros and cons of this painful practice. It gives some recommendations for the parents and presents the opinions about how to avoid this practice.

Spanking Your Children, Pros and Cons

The desire of the parents to educate their children in the best way possible sometimes significantly prevents the natural process of children development. Today, people are talking a lot about the fact that physical punishment for children is unacceptable. Many believe that the spanking of children will not bring the expected results and even could cause a negative effect. Everywhere, we can hear the claims that the child is free individual and parents should listen to his or her desires. Moreover, parents should provide their children with a free development and are not to force them without necessity. The result is that finding a middle ground is becoming more difficult. Parents are torn between the poles of authoritarianism and permissiveness. They do not have a clear guidance. Parents want to raise their children according to the certain set of rules and not to cause any harm. However, it is sometimes difficult to control the situation and the only way to teach children is to spank them. There are advantages and disadvantages of the education of children by spanking them. However, parents have to spank their children as rare as possible. Instead, they should have more interpersonal conversations with them.    



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Spanking is an action that is accompanied by striking the person in order to punish them with the education purpose. Nevertheless, the person who strikes should not cause any injuries. If we take a look back at the history of spanking, we will see that many different tools were used to punish people. However, in those times, the punishment was more severe than it is today. People of the Medieval Age used painful and barbaric approaches as the means of punishment. With the development of society and human rights, people started to use softer methods and stopped inhumane practices. However, the practice of parents educating their children with the help of spanking existed probably from the early period of human existence. Spanking on the buttocks with an open hand or with light object is still a common practice nowadays. In the time of the democracy, the society and cultural features play a vital role in making this practice acceptable or not. The example could be Sweden, where this practice is banned. The country considers this as one of the forms of cruelty. On the other hand, there are countries that support the process of spanking not only for kids, but also for wives. “When it is acceptable to spank a wife, it is considered Domestic Discipline, not at all a new concept but still very much alive” (Hetu, 2012). In many countries the spanking was widely used in schools. Today, there are still some countries that use this practice at school.  

Despite the fact that the procedure of spanking is painful for children, it has some positive effect. Some experts believe that spanking is necessary when children do something wrong. In this way, the parents show to their children that this is a negative experience. The pain from the spanking would make children remember the experience. The parents also could, by applying this practice, escape the dangerous behavior of the children at the streets, where the traffic is fast and other circumstances could make the harm to the children. The other serious argument of the supporters of the spanking is discipline. There is no better way to provide a necessary discipline for your child than to spank in the right moment (Finley, 2011). The main principles of how spanking works on children is that in the future in order to escape these painful feelings children will behave properly. It should be painful otherwise the effect would be not significant for parents.    

The arguments of the people who support the spanking are clear, but they do not see the hidden danger of this process. Children whose parents often spanked them in their  childhood have an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in their later life, according to a new study of American scientists. Some connections, according to their view, can also be seen in terms of increased risk of cancer, as well as problems with the respiratory system, physical punishment. “The study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, found those who had cancer were 70 percent more likely to have been beaten as a child compared with the healthy group. Those with cardiac disease were 30 percent more likely and those with asthma 60 percent more likely the study said” (Hyland, 2012). Your children could have a hidden anger towards you. It could damage the relationship between parents and children. Spanking could lead to the mental and emotional problems in children. It shows to children that the violence is acceptable form of behavior in society. Very often, parents do not notice that spanking might turn into a child abuse. Moreover, there is no clear evidence that spanking teaches children not to behave in a wrong way.

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There are many other methods that could replace spanking. It is better to punish children with strong voice or loss of privileges. It is important to establish an eye contact that signalize that parents are not satisfied with their children’s behavior. It is necessary for parents to spend more time with their children. It will lead to the strong relationship and better communication within the family (Nyamosi, 2012). As a result, children will be more obedient. The final recommendation for parents is to try to escape any physical punishment for their children.

Making the conclusion, it is necessary to say that parents have to understand that nothing happens from the first time. It is a hard work to raise well-behaving children. Parents have to be more patient with their children and find strong word for educational purpose than spanking. The family should be built on love, not on violence.


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