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In this assignment I will compare on the articles How to Land Your Kid in Therapy by Gottlieb, Lori Betwixt and Bewildered Lynn, and Smith on the opinion on Overly Involved Parents. The thesis of this paper is on how the parents have given their children a lot of freedom to decide on issues which should be done by the parents instead. With the analysis of both articles it’s true that the parents have really given more roles to the children than they should handle.

According Gottlieb (2001) to give children a stronger role and power in their lives. The truth is that at this point in their lives, parents do have all the authority, and they their children to feel that they feel safe. They do not need the decisions of the parents or even for an elderly person as if they are grown up to make their own ideas. The role of a parent is to give them love tell them the reality and consequences of the decision they make and they should not be left to decide on every thing on their own. However, that is not always a choice, or that things are not always fair. It is a bit 'of gratitude, there are many children around the world, who eat little and have no choice, because their lives are about survival.

Most people who are successful are aware that failure do happen and in most cases do not allow the powerlessness on how they would overcome them, and agree that is life. Gottlieb has noted that Americans have mistaken their role in bring up their children by making them make all their decision on their own they mistake it on making the children happy while that is not the case they are spoiling the children as well and making them irresponsible in future as they do not mentor them on how to make wise decisions. Getting the correct child care is fine but irresponsible delegation of decision making without guiding them is what most of the parent are failing.

Smith (2001) have noted on how child mentoring have changed over the years during their time as teenagers. Their parents had control over what they do, where they go and even who they visit. Unlike nowadays when parents seems to be less caring on what their children are doing and live up to them to decide on what to do. A good example is on how her son has his girl friend visiting him and spending a night there with her knowledge and she does not question him. I agree with smith that it is paramount for the parents to be in control over what their children decide on doing although they should give them a chance to decide on their own but evaluate their decisions and advice them accordingly. By doing so they will be instilling sense of responsibility on whatever they do.

Most scholars have also disagreed on the fact that the change of life and liberty to the children should be celebrated as an achievement in bringing up the children an issue which I concur with. Because a child despite of having right to make their decisions the parenting roles should guide them on what they should do and what they should not do to attain high degree of dependability and responsibility on their own. This is the main role which most parents have failed and there is need for them to improve on their parenting roles by guiding their children on decision making and actually have the moral authority to guide them on what is expected of them.


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