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Life and Death remain shared themes for all and sundry. They are two things that are very mysterious to human beings, things about which we marvel a lot. Both Annie Dillard and Virginia Woolf have discussed these questions in their articles, which coincidentally are titled "The Death of a Moth". Even though these articles share the title, the writers analyze their topic in dissimilar ways. Virginia Woolf contemplates more on the moth; its life, its struggles even its death and finds motivation from it. On the other hand, Annie Dillard just describes the death of the moth and relates it to her own existence. Whereas Woolf wrote her essay in the fall, Dillard wrote hers memory of a past summer.

In her essay "The Death of the Moth", Woof gives a very comprehensive account of the moth's life for the period it is alive. She begins by describing the moth as not being as beautiful as a butterfly but yet content with life. She writes about a moth flying about a windowpane, its world controlled by the confines of the wood holding the glass. The moth flew, first from one side, to the other, and then back as the rest of life continued oblivious of its activities. At first uninterested, Woolf was finally moved to pity the moth. This story illustrates how life is as peculiar and familiar as death is to all of us.

In conclusion, both life and death have diverse meaning to each individual which is significantly inclined to their life experiences. The two writers, Virginia Woolf and Annie Dillard, have articulated their interpretations of life and death with the same character, a moth. Though it is obvious that the authors have divergent opinions, the fate of the moth turns out to be the same death. These essays detail the significance and teachings that both authors propose, concerning life and death.


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