Free «The Sex Drives of Men and Women» Essay Sample

Fulfillment in life is a constant aspiration of every creature on earth. Talk of the birds in the air, the beautiful dolphins of the sea, and other beasts in the land. All of them want to have the best of life. Human beings on the other hand are in the forefront of exploring ways of bettering their lives on earth. The most paramount concept of how individuals relate sets the ground for various parameters useful in the examination of satisfaction. On of the ways in which individuals interact with one another is through sex, a topic in which this paper seeks to explore, its issues and other activities surrounding it as well as what means to both sexes.

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The level of activity by both men and women as an experience of sex is a topic that has over time attracted a series of research. A number of articles have been published while other are still being written in respect to this topic that never loose meaning. The evergreen issues surrounding sex drives are easily talked about by individuals who fearlessly share their experiences. What is evident is that both men and women are generally different in their response to sexual excitation (Baumeister 124).

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Men are behaving like a highly volatile fuel restricted to an open container. They require a little spark to get fired. Another best word to describe sex drive is libido which means the level of activity following sexual excitation. There is no doubt that libido in men is far much greater than that of women. Several studies have shown that men are known to go straight to the point. Penetration is all that men want and fore play does not have such meaning. They are more action oriented and side shows are only taken as distractions (Laumann et al 132).On the other hand women can only be good with scented candles, if I use it as an example. Contrary to men, women put more weight on emotional touch as a key to initiating sexual desire. Socio-cultural factors also influence sexual drives in women. On the other hand, all men from everywhere have almost the same level of sexual activeness.

In summary, men are more enthusiastic with sex but their excitement is short lived. A joke is told of a man who forgets the sexual experience so fast that he can go watch a football match comfortably. Therefore, we can confidently argue that men have a higher sex drive than women.


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