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Free «Health and safety measures» Essay Sample

In modern world trends, telecommunication companies have been plagued by the failure to implement such issues of health and safety as way used in measuring the quality control of their services and products. Most important to note is the way these two affect the welfare of the employee and later translate in quality services and products that ensure customer satisfaction. This paper looks at a case of Vodafone Group and its outlet in Ghana highlighting the impact created by health and safety implementation on quality of services and products. In the study, an attempt was made to explore the perceptions of various company staff members on the impact created in quality control through health and safety responsibility. This study, in particular, looked at the Vodafone Telecom Group outlet in Ghana to help in realizing the goals and objectives of the study.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the higher the market orientation of an organization, the greater the profitability of the organization. An important aspect of market orientation is the state of internal marketing within the organization. Internal marketing is a very crucial tool through which organizations and firms make use of tools of marketing in the efforts of attracting and maintaining outstanding performance through the retention of the best workers. Many organizations have relied previously on a market driven economy but internal marketing takes the form of an economy driven through organization cultures and behaviors to promote business success. Health and safety development has had a lot of positive effects, including a positive image accorded to Vodafone. Through health and safety, Vodafone has been able to attain a prominent figure in the industry in Ghana and worldwide. Vodafone Group and its implementation of health and safety measures have turned out to be an effective way of breaking apart from a Ghanaian service industry and changed the emphasis of its services and products on the major belief held in health and safety measures.


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