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Free «Health Care Systems» Essay Sample

Health care system is a system that is composed of people, actions, and organizations that operate primarily to promote, maintain, and restore health care services to the public. These systems are either agency or consumer based and is made up of organizations like Primary Physician or Health Maintenance organizations as well as community and agency based and funded institutions that are funded either through federal, state or private grantors (Shih, et al.).

Health care delivery systems are of different types based on either the grantors or who own them. These types include public, private, government, and non-profit based health systems.

Public health system: this system is fully funded by the government either through federal or state governments. The health care centers are open to the public and normally the treatment fees are in subsidized standards hence they are generally cheap.

Private health systems: these are privately funded by individuals or organization and are generally known to offer expensive health care.

Government health systems: they are fully funded by the government and are mostly situated in government institutions like in army barracks and most of them offer free care services of almost at a zero-rated fee.



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Non-profit based health systems: they are founded and founded by non-governmental organizations like the W.H.O and they majorly establish health facilities in marginalized communities and they offer health care at very subsidized rates and even in other regions they give free care services.

Strengths: a properly managed organizational health structure ensures that the health providers or else the nurses and physicians are competent in their work as they offer fast and efficient care services.

Weaknesses: weaknesses that may come up with health organizational structures include the fragmentation of health providers at state, national, practice and community levels. Care givers work independently from each other yet they serve the same citizens. Also in organizational structures the potentials and abilities of the low level health workers sometimes may go unnoticed or else unused due to over emphasis on stringent regulations rather than stressing on creative thinking or service delivery (Shih, et al.).

Proper governed organizational health structures enhance faster and efficient care delivery. Fragmentation of health systems is known to contribute heavily on poor health delivery in the U.S. this is so because there is lack of accountability and poor communication of between patients and multiple health providers hence causing duplication, waste and medical errors (Shih, et al.).


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