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The relationship between covert and overt interpersonal conflict and child to parent conflict can be considered to be the link to youth antisocial behaviors. There is a direct linkage between interpersonal conflicts and antisocial behaviors, also from interpersonal conflict to depression and later antisocial behavior (Bhagwati, 2011, 4).

There is a significant direct impact through increased parent child conflicts. According to social theorists, the conflicts that exist between parents, also known as inter-parental conflicts, have led to considerable effects on adolescent adjustment. The growing literature also suggests that couple and marital conflicts may at most cases spill over into other family chaos such as parent to child relationship and parenting and eventually end up creating impacts on the well-being of children. Social cognitive and contextual theorists have discussed the indirect and direct influences at work with the family system for a long time.

Parents tend to shy aware from the family responsibility of taking care of children pretending to be busy with work and duties. Due to this fact the children are left with other caregivers/takers to watch them during the absence of the parents. Under such situations, the child will conform to the behaviour of the caretaker, Children victims of such happenings turn to be introverts and later develop anti-social behaviors characterized by criminal activities such as taking part in gang groups and drug abuse (Bachman, 2010, 32).


The assertion that parent-child relationship and marital affairs are intertwined to a point of portraying the relationship between conflict and antisocial behaviors is a factor that can be verified. Therefore, during the developmental stage of children it is important to articulate the right norms and good needs for them to bring them to conformity with the best behavior.


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