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Polygamy is a very passionately contested practice which is open to extensive misinterpretations. Basically, it is a relationship that exists between either one husband and many wives or one wife and many husbands. However, in this day and age, it absolutely takes the form of one husband with a number of wives. It is a practice which is common in developing countries, especially among the Muslims.

Some people consider polygamy as a problem in the society today. However, it seems to be the only right option for a husband in case of not finding contentment in monogamy on the basis of health and behavioral issues. Polygamy is of great benefit to the husband especially due to the health challenges as well as behavioral issues that a woman may be facing, thus resulting in more comparative advantages than monogamy.

The Health Issue

With regard to the issue of health, polygamy is vital since a barren wife who is not able to fulfill her husband’s desire to have children is somehow cushioned. In this regard, it is the right of the husband to marry another woman without requiring divorcing his first wife. In this way, irrespective of being in a position of not bearing children as a result of health challenges, a lady does not have to undergo the difficult process of divorce (Sill, 2010). This is because the husband can go ahead and marry a second wife who will bear him the children he desires so much.



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Additionally, there are times when a wife can suddenly face severe health challenges like paralysis or spinal chord injury. In such instances, she might not be in a position of performing her duties as a wife and satisfying all her husband’s needs. As a result, the presence of a co-wife goes a long way in mitigating the effects of her health problems since the co-wife can assist in performing the duties needed by the husband.

Polygamy is also beneficial to the spouses since it is vital in averting the spread of sexually transmitted infections. In most cases, people who are not sexually satisfied in their marriages tend to come into extra marital affairs (Gemmeke, 2009). This is bound to lead to transmission of sexually transmitted infections when one seeks sexual fulfillment outside the confines of matrimony. Polygamy, therefore, means that the man has a variety of partners within the marriage and can,feel safe, as well as,guarantee the safety of the other partners.

Behavioral Issue

Jealousy between wives is likely to create some kind of competition between them. As a result, this will enable them to carry out their roles in the best way they can do as wives. In most cases, competition brings out the best of everything since the wives will try their best to out do one another resulting in good performances (Sill, 2010).

Additionally, it is also worth noting that some wives have negative attitudes to the fact that their husbands are not able to endure. For the sake of avoiding this kind of flaws and the unnecessary challenges that may come up, polygamy enables the husband to seek out for new partners.

Comparative Advantages

In many ways, people who are in support of polygamy are of the view that the law ought to present people with the liberty to choose who to be in love with and get married to as many people as they would like to. In cases where both spouses agree to add more members into their families, all and sundry ought to respect their independent decisions including the state. Additionally, the state ought to respect people who are in favor of the polygamous relationships, as well as the right to privacy.

By and large, polygamy increases the demand for men even as spouses. On the other hand, polyandry increases the demand for women as spouses. Women are also in a position of choosing their partners and are not necessarily forced into polygamous relationships. In many ways, polygamy offers the husband a lot of prestige, financial strength, as well as sexual camaraderie (Gemmeke, 2009).

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Another comparative advantage of polygamy is that it creates a comprehensible social order with distinct losers and winners. In this regard, a dominant male wins due to the fact that he is able to reproduce with as many females as he can realistically be in charge of. In this way, the man is better placed to spread his genes far and wide. As a result, he can bring into being as many more children than he would be able to do in a singular sexual arrangement.

Another set of winners are women who come from a low status. In places like India where people are discriminated in accordance with the caste system, even women who come from the lowest status are able to get married. Additionally, such women are also able to get access to high-status men. It is also worth noting that since there is no particular limit to the number of women a man is able to marry; women are in a position of attaching themselves to a few reasonably enviable men (Gemmeke, 2009).

It is also worth noting that polygamy is a very natural s well as successful reproductive system. Due to the fact that just about all women mate, the reproductive capacity of the populace at large is somehow maximized. In most cases, there is usually a strong selective aspiration towards people with attractive character traits. As a result, allowing only the best people to breed has an effect of producing the most desirable population (Sill, 2010).

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Polygamy is the Future

By and large, the system of monogamy is not in a position of guaranteeing happiness of everybody. Due to the fact that the society is largely inconsistent, individuals usually like pairing up with desirable partners to share life with. In most cases, the statistical imbalance that exists between eligible men and women puts older men under the pressure of courting younger women.

In most parts of the developing countries, young girls in their teens are usually betrothed to men who are ten or fifteen years younger then them. This results in strained coupling, a phenomenon which makes marriage an isolated and unfulfilling relationship (Nanda & Warms, 2012). This is very different from the “peer marriages” which are common in the developed countries.

Polygamy also ensures that there is a reduction in the number of lonely singles as well as the reduction in the rate of cheating in the society. This ensures that citizens in the social order do not have to go through unnecessary divorces every now and again (Gemmeke, 2009). A polygamous society also ensures that there is a reduction in the number of parentless homes. In case one of the partners dies, there are always others to take care of the young children, who would otherwise be a burden to the society.

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Polygamy is also instrumental in the exponential increase of wealth and value. In a family where there are three or four adults who are earning an income, they are able to bring in more income and also save extra resources for vacations and more supplies. Another key benefit of polygamy is the fact that there is the possibility of distribution of work among a group of women, instead of giving all the responsibilities to one wife (Nanda & Warms, 2012).


Even though some individuals do not support a polygamous marriage, it is a practice that has passed the test of time, having been around for many generations. To date, polygamy is the only option available for men whose wives are facing a number of health challenges, and are, therefore, not in a position of performing their wifely duties.  


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