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Free «Affirmative Action» Essay Sample

Lately, many institutions, public and private universities, politicians and businesses have come to a decision that affirmative action has survived its worth. They disagree with the fact that it gives the minorities’ equal chances of getting jobs, government contracts or entrance into college and is about time the society become colorblind. However, this cannot happen because citizens are still held tight by their races. Studies have shown that minorities such as the African Americans are discriminated against in actions such as job search and even going out to dinner regardless of their financial status. Whether small or so obvious, prejudice still remains. Affirmative action provides the minorities with fair chances for success and sooner or later this will lead to the end of typecasts and prejudice, (Cahn).

However, we cannot expect affirmative action to solve all the challenges and problems faced by minorities. Together with the policies of affirmative action, civic education must be improved in order to attack the problems of the minorities both through increased job opportunities and better qualifications for those posts. Affirmative alone forms a situation where people may receive jobs or other favors on the basis of race. Education alone on the other hand, leaves qualified and deserving minorities without jobs solely because of the unfairness of the employers. In conjunction of both however, the two solutions can end the cycle that corner many minorities. Affirmative action should not be a permanent policy since it would turn all government ideas and policies colorblind. Every citizen should work toward leveling the playing ground and once his have been achieved, affirmative action should come to an end. However, it is obvious that society cannot look down the problem of race. It is for this reason that the government cannot afford to abandon the policy of affirmative action since it will be a denial of the truth of discrimination and an acceptance of the condition. It is therefore my belief that affirmative action should continue being used but definitely not forever, (Ezorsky).


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