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Planned Parenthood is an organization that promotes support to the development of contraceptive counseling, clinics, contraceptive techniques and also family planning plans. It gives the general public the access to the means of controlled fertility, reproductive health facilities and care, educational programs, and information dissemination. The organization advocates that every woman has a right to make a decision on when she should conceive and bring up a child, and that gynecologic and contraceptive information is always available whenever she needs it. It came to the public as early as in 1916 in the Brownsville section. Leaflets distributed by Margaret singer and her neighbors started questioning the point of a mother having a child that she cannot be able to raise. The team offered information on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. They gave hope that conception would happen through the rational choice if members were taught how to prevent unwanted pregnancies (Charles, 2005).

Funding for Planned Parenthood makes sense, therefore, money and cutting the fund should be out of the question. This is so because, according to Guttmacher Institute, for every one dollar spent in family planning program, at least four are actually saved. For women who cannot raise a child pregnancy is as expensive as raising it. For those children who are born into poverty, the cost weight shifts to the general public. However, according to Ellen Chelser, a Senior Fellow in Roosevelt Institute, the problem is not  only in the cost, women who are shorn off the access to family planning cannot create new jobs, do their jobs, or even add to the national economy if after all they are not able to control their fertility (Institute, 2007). The organization is as important as health care or education because if women risk being pregnant all the time, they will not be able to do the work if the social programs that help them balance their careers and family are no longer offered. The economic impact of family planning given a priority can be seen around the globe since there is a demographic dividend when it is introduced in a developing country. Ellien argues that prosperity is directly proportional to democracy. Countries which have a higher fertility rate will have a lower economic growth, for example, Afghanistan. A country like Iran has well-developed family planning programs, and this has made it the best growing economy in the Middle East. If the Title X funding is done away with in order to keep the state open, then somebody else will have to offer the services. The government gets the best deal here since Title X are cost effective providers of family planning services. Women rely heavily on the Planned Parenthood for different services such as STD testing, pap smears, birth control, and cancer screening; so they attend to public Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood itself raises money since it is a well established as a voluntary organization and if the government takes over its functions, it loses a considerable amount of money. This will also mean that women will lose preventative services and, in turn, a longer period burden to the public for assistance or probably pay more for other providers. Research shows that one woman out of five uses planned parenthood in her lifetime (North, 1992).


Planned Parenthood is an organization that provides good healthcare, counseling, and quality family planning programs. Every living human being was once born and hopes for the best as he/she continues to live, and this is the reason why birth should be controlled to ensure that those who are born receive the best. Taxpayers’ money should be used to fund this organization as it gives comprehensive care to women who are the mothers of a nation, and the general economy depends on them.


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