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Free «Total Quality Management» Essay Sample

 I believe that insufficient staff is the problem in this organization because of the increased workload to the existing staff. However, embracing technology is the solution as an automated voice record machine will be useful. Customer service is essential to accommodate the needs of customers. The team should make efforts as planned to improve quality expectations as defined by the customer. Essentially, quality is the conformance to specification and tolerance as determined by producer, hence fit for use by the consumer. Outsourcing service from other firms can be helpful to the corporation since it will reduce complaints from customer. Total quality management centers on the customer-supplier interface and commitment to communication together with organization`s culture.

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The enterprise success depends on the capacity to research in order to develop new products and adopt the dynamic customer demands. I think that voice mail system will be critical in solving the complaints and questions by customers. The method is efficient since the answering machine will guide customers on how to raise their questions hence saving time. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for enterprises to compete successfully on the global market. It helps in consistent, strategic planning on all economic aggregate and timely production. Organizations need to integrate customers` knowledge with other information in order to plan when implementing total quality management.

Total Quality Management includes customer satisfaction improvement, management commitment to excellence, timely provision of service, benchmarking the track progress towards strategic goals and reducing product costs while maintaining quality and availability. Organizations should understand that customer get satisfaction, when they consistently receive product and services that meet their needs.  The supervisor needs to ensure that customers are motivated to work and be provided with enough equipment. The intern student needs to provide the organization with alternatives to ensure the success and efficiency.


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