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      The main character shown in the videos is Aileen Wuornos who was born in 1956 and died in 2002. She was a renowned woman in America because of her title as a serial killer (Holmes & Holmes, 1998). In the period between 1989 and 1990, Aileen murdered seven men who she claimed attempted to rape or raped her during the time when she was a prostitute (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). Aileen started sexual activities as early as when she was twelve years old. During this time she used to exchange sex for favors such as food, cigarettes, and drugs. Aileen had a sexual relationship with her own brother. According to Goss (2000), as a child, Aileen was beaten and sexually assaulted by her grandfather who was an alcoholic. Therefore, it is possible Aileen’s early sexual behaviors were greatly influenced by her grandfather. Aileen was pregnant for her grandfather’s friend when she was fourteen years old (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). When she was fifteen years old her grandfather withdrew his support and she continued to support herself by means of prostitution (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). It is evident that Aileen’s criminal life was founded by her grandfather. Because the Aileen started to commit various crimes from her youth, the discussion will take the view of criminology. Aileen’s early criminal life, murders she committed later in life, apprehension and sentencing, and her execution will be considered in this discussion.



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Early Criminal Life

      Aileen was first arrested in 1974 in Jefferson County for disorderly conduct, firing a caliber-pistol from an automobile, and driving under the influence (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004).  In 1976, Aileen was arrested the second time in Antrim county when she was in Michigan. She was accused of disturbing the peace as she threw a cue ball at the head of a bartender.  In 1981, Aileen was arrested the third time in Edgewater in Florida (Holmes & Holmes, 1998). This happened because she tried to rob convenient store. Aileen was incarcerated in 1982 and she was released after a period of about one year. She was arrested in 1984 for trying to pass fake checks at a certain bank in Key West (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). In 1985, Aileen was classified among the suspects who stole an ammunition and revolver in Pasco County (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). She was arrested in 1986 when she was accused of automobile theft. Aileen tried to resist this arrest by giving false information for giving identification with the name of her aunt (Philbin & Philbin, 2008). Police found ammunition and a revolver in the stolen car. Later in 1986, Aileen was detained after she was found guilty of an attempted armed robbery (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). She demanded about two hundred dollars from her victim.  In 1987, Aileen was accused of battery and assault with a bottle of beer (Holmes & Holmes, 1998). She was accused of assaulting a bus driver in 1988, but she claimed that the she was pushed off the pass by the driver.

Murders committed

      In 1989, Aileen killed a fifty-one-year old man called Richard Mallory. Richard was a rapist whom Aileen claimed to have murdered in self-defense (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). She killed Richard by shooting him several times. In 1990, Aileen murdered David Spears who was aged 43 (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). Through the observation of David Spears’, it was clear that he was shot several times by the offender. Another victim was a forty-year old man called Charles Carskaddon. Aileen killed Charles in May 1990 and left his body in Pasco County. She murdered a sixty-five-year old called Peter Siems in June 1990 but his body disappeared and has not been found (Holmes & Holmes, 1998). A fifty-year old Troy Burress was Aileen’s victim of murder. Troy’s body showed that the offender had shot him twice. In September 1990, Aileen killed a fifty-six man called Charles Dick Humphrey by shooting him six times (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). Aileen killed the last person called Walter Gino Antonio in November 1990 (Holmes & Holmes, 1998).  Therefore, Aileen can be seen to have been using shooting as the way of killing her victims. She could repeatedly shoot her victims in a number of times to ensure that they are completely dead.

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Apprehension and sentencing

      The police carried out their investigations and suspected Aileen as the offender in various murder crimes. In 1991, Aileen was arrested for further investigation. She confessed to have committed the murder crimes and claimed that she killed the men in the process of trying to defend herself because they tried to assault her sexually (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). In 1992, Aileen went to trial as a result of murdering Richard Mallory. During her sentencing, the defense psychiatrists testified that Aileen was suffering from borderline personality disorder and therefore mentally unstable (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). Few days later, about four days, Aileen was sentenced to death. In March 1992, Aileen did not agree that she committed the deaths of Troy Buress, David Spears, and Dick Humphreys (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). She confessed to the court that the three did not try to rape her like Richard Mallory did, and therefore she did not kill them. However, in May 1992, she was found guilty of the additional three murders and she was given addition of three death sentences (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). Aileen pleaded guilty of murdering Charles Carskaddon and she received the fifth death sentence. In 1993, Aileen was found guilty of murdering Walter Gino Antonio which raised the number of death sentences to six (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). There were no charges against her for the death of Peter Siems because his body was not found forever. Therefore, Aileen received up to six death sentences instead of seven.

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      The court is supposed to ensure that the offender is not mentally ill before being executed (Kennedy, 1992). Aileen herself said that she was sane and competent, and that she does like human life. Three psychologists were instructed to give Aileen an interview (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). This was to ensure that the psychologists were convinced that the offender was aware of her execution and whether she is aware of the crimes the lead to her execution. The three psychiatrists judges Aileen mentally fit to undergo execution. In October 2002, Aileen was executed by means of injecting her with lethal injection (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). In the history of the United States of America, Aileen was among the ten women who have been executed since 1976 when the Supreme Court allowed capital punishment to be practiced.  


      Aileen started to exhibit her criminal behaviors while very young. The family background was very responsible for the negative behaviors of Aileen. Sometimes she committed sexual intercourse with her real brother. Aileen’s grandfather used to rape her and finally withdrew his support from helping her. Aileen could then depend on sexual activities to earn her living. She decided to drop out of school because it was an additional task to looking for food and other basic human needs (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). Aileen frequently committed petty crimes which lead to numerous arrests. Her criminal record continued to become better in terms of the magnitude of crimes she could commit. She started murdering men, especially by shooting them several times. Aileen killed the first man in 1989 and last person in November, 1990. She murdered seven people and the victims were adult men. Aileen claimed that the deaths occurred accidentally when she attempted to defend herself from being raped and assaulted (Shipley & Arrigo, 2004). However she was found guilty of the deaths and received six death sentences instead of seven because one of the victims’ body was not found for investigation. Finally, Aileen was executed by means of injecting her with lethal injection.   


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