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Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in a person’s body. The effects of this condition are negative on a person’s health. A person is considered obese if the body weight is twenty percent higher than normal. In America, a dramatic rise in obesity across all age groups is rising alarmingly high (Finkelstein and Zuckerman, 2008). Obesity increases the risk of developing deadly diseases and the medical expenses involved in treating such diseases are very expensive.

            The current way of life in the modern world is encircled by pressure and demands to succeed that drive people to unhealthy eating practices (Finkelstein and Zuckerman, 2008). The progression of inherited qualities in human beings and modernization of our everyday practices causes the epidemic. The epidemic develops when we take in more calories that we need and the excess calories are sequentially converted into body fat.

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            Most foods and drinks in America are processed and the people consume them without realizing the dangers involved. Americans have the tendency of consuming fast foods and their diet lacks fruits and vegetables, which are highly nutritious with fewer calories. The imbalance between the calories intake and calories burned out during the day’s activities is the source of the epidemic in America (Campos, 2004).   A modern life in America involves a lot of working time and less time for exercise and recreation. Health experts in America recommend that every person should at least have a thirty minute vigorous body exercise, by walking for thirty minutes daily and through gym exercises.

            The Obesity epidemic in America is increasingly affecting people from all age groups and reducing the life expectancy. Doctors have warned that diet and exercise are the main causes of obesity (Finkelstein and Zuckerman, 2008). In America, nearly one fifth of the children and adolescents are obese. This epidemic causes a great risk to the America’s future generation. The solution to the epidemic is a calorie deficit that will ensure that the body burns all excess calories. This will be achieved if the people learn more about healthy diets and embrace the idea of including fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Buy Obesity in America essay paper online

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