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In the world today, there are a number of approximately 80 shark attacks annually. Most of these attacks though are found in the United States. A shark attack is whereby a shark causes harm to human beings. Most of this shark attacks are not usually fatal and therefore do not result to death. What the shark attacks do is cause injury. This injury can be fatal or just minimal. Most people hear of sharks and they immediately become numb, because of what they have heard sharks can do.  In contrary to this, not all sharks are harmful. In fact, among all the species of sharks, only the large sharks, that may overpower a human being are considered dangerous and even fatal. There have been instances where human beings have been seen close to sharks and are not attacked. For instance, the divers who even film sharks in their natural habitats. There are several types of shark attacks; the provoked attacks, this is where the human being disturbs the shark intentionally. The other is the unprovoked attack. In this attack, the shark is rarely seen as it bites and disappears.  We have established that sharks are not naturally harmful, so what then causes them to attack human beings?


The first cause of shark attack is out of confusing human beings to be creatures that they usually feed on. This occurs where human beings may be swimming or snowboarding near the territory of the shark. For the sharks, it may spot the human being and think that it has seen a creature. Happy to have found food the shark moves on to take a bite. It is after biting that the shark realizes that the human being was not the creature that it feeds on, it then moves on (Allen100). This causes severe bites to the attacked human being that may be fatal or not, depending on which part of the body it bit or the magnitude of the bite.

 The second reason that sharks may attack human beings is because of their sensory organs. These organs are designed in a way that they detect electricity made by the movement of muscles. The sharks usually detect dead fish from the movement they make with their muscles (Allen100). This movement is the same as that made by human beings when they are spear fishing. This makes the shark to think that it has found a dead fish and therefore it rushes to attack its prey. The human being fishing is then attacked out of this confusion. Sharks also get attracted to blood from human beings and flashing images in addition to movements made.

The third reason that causes shark attacks is due to provocation. Just like many animals, sharks will jump to protect themselves from an attack. So when human beings provoke a shark it will certainly attack them. This is because it is only trying to protect itself.  People are therefore advised to avoid disturbing sharks, where they may be tempted to touch or stroke the animal. This is because it may retaliate and attack its disturber, which may cause fatal bites or even death.

It is important for people who love to go in the ocean to learn the causes of shark attacks so that they can prevent themselves from being bitten. People are advised to avoid areas that are inhabited by sharks. Also, one should not swim during dusk, when most sharks are known to feed (Mowatt-Larssen, Auerbach, and Burgess, 2011). People who have wounds or those who are menstruating are also cautioned from going into water, as they will attract shark attacks. Avoiding areas where the prey of sharks inhabit like fish should also be practiced.


Shark attacks may be very dangerous and may at times cause death. Although shark attacks occurrence are not frequent or in huge in numbers they still happen. The United States has the largest numbers of these attacks.  The causes of these attacks are due to provoking the shark. Another reason is the shark detecting movement because of its highly sensory organs. Another cause that is common is because it confused the human being for its food. But it has been proven that sharks do not hunt human being for food, which is the reason why they bite and retreat after realizing that the human being is not their prey. Caution should be taken to avoid sharks attack by taking prevention.


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