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There are a variety of magazines in the world in relatively diverse fields. Some magazines are popular while others are not. It is therefore imperative to conduct a study to find out the rationale behind this disparity. As such, the discussion herewith will be seeking to find out the reasons as to why some magazines are popular. Basically the scope of the study will be limited in three areas viz. men’s health, time and people. In each category, an internationally reputable magazine will be chosen and preferably, an article analyzed from it. The article will purpose to illustrate why the magazine from which it is envisaged is popular.

Men’s Health Magazine is an internationally renowned magazine that basically focuses on health issues that affects men. The magazine is a product of Amazon publications that is available both on subscription as well as on purchase. At Amazon, it costs $24.49 while the same magazine costs $49.90 elsewhere in the world. A person can also obtain it on subscription basis usually with a one-year renewal term. It is imperative to note that this leading magazine deals with men’s fitness. It is however a multipurpose magazine covering exercise topics and general fitness. Men’s Health Magazine is emphatic enough that men’s health is multi-dimensional and encompasses good nutrition, grooming, and other social issues like relationships. The magazine therefore provides a comprehensive analysis of men’s health issue which is a complex issue. The magazine is particularly good for people seeking for general fitness and who has little knowledge about the subject.

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Men’s Health Magazine has been ranked among the best magazine in the category of men’s health since it provides useful scientific information pertaining health. As opposed to other magazines in the same category, Men’s health does not give health a theoretical approach but relies on scientific evidence and empirical literatures before disseminating advice to men. It has also been recognized as a magazine that is applicable to both genders and can therefore be read by anybody. For instance, the magazine reflects on the issue of heart problems, cancer and use of supplements which is not a one gender affair. The issues that affect the modern man are also dealt with very well in this magazine. For example, the emerging extensive use of supplements by men is addressed in the magazine whereby the side effects are identified and the right supplements proposed. The advice given is from medical practitioners and not merely from some ‘casual’ guys. As such, the information in the magazine is reliable and credible. The magazine is widely recognized for its leading article; “18 Best Supplements for Men” where it not only proposes the supplements but also prescribes the right dosage. It is also recognized for the article; “The Worst Breakfast in America” which emphasizes on the importance of a healthy breakfast.

On the other hand, the Seed of Success is a leading international magazine that deals with time management. The magazine has been authored by David Allen who is an internationally recognized proficient author. Allen has been in the writing profession for the last twenty years and is also the author of the book that goes by the title; ‘Getting Things Done’. The magazine is usually recognized for its article; “what are some of the best management techniques so people don’t wind up with regrets? “This focuses on the importance of time management. The argument behind this article is that the most effective way of managing time is simply doing what one is mandated to do. It further emphasizes on the importance of having a to-do list where a person identifies what is to be done and when. Allen says that this is arguably the best technique of managing time which is a scarce commodity. He further argues that a to-do list brings forth a sense of commitment to an individual’s mind thereby eliminating any scenario of idleness.

Finally, Management and Leadership People is an internationally leading magazine that focuses on people from diverse dimensions. It is comprised of a variety of articles with the most popular being; Strategy & Leadership by Jon Minerich. This article approaches the concept of managing people from three dimensions; vision, strategies and values. The article argues that these three ingredients are core for effective management of people. Furthermore, Minerich has also authored other articles in the magazine which basically deals with the management of people. She, for instance, has authored the article ‘People Development’ which shows how a company can create a competitive workforce over that of the competitor by deploying simple technology. Besides, Minerich is the author of the article ‘people in groups’ which emphasizes on the significance of group work.

In conclusion, therefore, I find these three magazines very useful in life. For instance, good health is essential for human survival and the stipulations brought forth by Men’s Health Magazine are valuable in promoting good health. This magazine might have impacted positively in the lives of many through the medical solutions offered by the medical experts therewith. Moreover, Seed of Success magazine has dealt with the issue of time management in a proper manner. Worthwhile noting, time remains to be a constraint in many endeavors and there was therefore a need to come up with such a magazine that addresses this issue. Management and Leadership People also deals with important aspects of managing people in various circumstances. It is also valuable since people must be managed for certain goals to be achieved. In a nutshell, therefore, the three magazines are worth their status.


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