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Free «Methods of Data Collection» Essay Sample

Fear of Heights

The most suitable data collection method for fear of height is the use of questionnaires. The measures of fear of height or acrophobia have always been measured using non-associative models with the researchers arguing that the studies are mainly innate. The method; nonetheless, relies mainly on retrospective recall to support scientific methodologies. Such methods are unreliable and as such, there is need of developing a more relevant research method to measure acrophobia. 

This methodology should follow specific procedure outlined below to achieve the intended outcome. Gather data among a sample population that has the fear of height in Origins Questionnaires-II (OQ-II). The next step would be to sample another population that does not have acrophobia and let then complete the modified version of the OQ-II. The second group is referred to as the control group and they will respond to questions on their experiences of fear of height. To ascertain the consistence of the results posted by the two groups, the procedure should be repeated after a span of three months, six months, and twelve months. The reason for doing similar test at three different stages is to measure the stability of the results. This will also identify non-associative pathways in establishing acrophobia.



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Homelessness is an issue that affects different countries at different at varying proportions. In this regard, different countries develop different methods to collect data. In nations where homelessness is a major priority in government budgeting, then the use of census can be used to collect data. Other methods of collecting data on homelessness include, use of cases studies, survey counts, and national registers. In this report, the use of case study will be elaborated.

Case studies are a method of data collection that uses qualitative and descriptive method of research to study individuals, a given group of people, and organizations. In this regard, the case study will focus on how homelessness affects a given locality. It would therefore involve direct observation on homelessness, records examination, interviews, and carrying out relevant tests. The results should then be documented in a way to answer research questions and prove the hypotheses. The highest level of accuracy in this data collection method would depend on a number of factors. Therefore, with this consideration, at least a 90% accuracy level would be the highest achievable data.     


The relevant tool to use in collecting data on self-esteem is by running tests on the information one seeks to gather. Tests as used in research data collection are critical in getting information as they measure aptitude, personality, accomplishment, and individual; performance levels. The above issues determine self-esteem and therefore they will be relevant determinants of self-esteem. A researcher should be able to carry out specific test to determine a relevant activity that can be useful. Tests normally have specific information of reliability and validity and based on these, a researcher should be able to choose the test to run in order to measure self-esteem. 

Quantitative nature of data attained through tests means it would be easy to analyze test data. Tests are normally standardized and this means that there is small margin of error. They can be given to a number of participants at the same time and the results will be available instantaneously. These factors all contribute to high accuracy level and 99% data collection accuracy on the measure of self-esteem is attainable.        

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Caloric Consumption

The most suited method of data collection on the above topic is by carrying out household survey because of the detailed information that can be attained. Survey on calorific consumption should be carried out in a sizeable household population; for instance, a sample size of at least 8000 households. The survey data are always available at the national statistics bureaus, and depending on the data needed the bureaus can provide relevant information. Other than sourcing for secondary information, survey on the households can be carried out by conducting door-to-door interviews.

Qualified personnel called enumerators should conduct the interviews. The enumerators should be assigned specific households to visit in each day of the survey in order to record daily household expenditures and family consumption on survey questions. The survey should be carried out in a year’s period, which should then be divided into at least four quarters. The enumerators will have to return to same locations for effective administration of data collection method. This process will ensure that results yield 95% accuracy of data, which is good enough to make appropriate conclusion within margins or error.        

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Adherence to Medication Regimen

Adherence to medication regimen is a medical process that involves the response of a patient to an administered drug. Due to this, physiological measurement would be the most appropriate data collection method. A physiological method refers to methods used to measure how the body functions. The measures vary from a simple process like taking a patient’s body temperature to most complex medication procedures. After prescription of medicine, a patient’s recovery should be ascertained to monitor if a patient adheres to a given medication regimen.     

A physiological measurement uses a transducer to examine the internal body functions that can be monitored using screens, after which results are recorded. The screen conveys specific information that is interpreted by medical professionals who then give their report on a patient’s recovery progress. This is a highly professional data collection method that does not require a researcher without the necessary skills. It should therefore be restricted to the medical profession. The accuracy of a physiological measurement; specifically in measuring adherence to medical regimen should be 100%. There is no margin of error in medicine.


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