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A good living standards call for profound income generating program. In most cases, this program is either attained from employment; whether self-employment or formal employment. Successful qualification for a prestigious job position is the reason behind undergoing rigorous training and enrolling in the school programs. Not every job will be worth the qualification a person attained and challenges he or she has faced in life with the aim of securing skills, knowledge and experience ascribed to him or her. Determining the appropriate job will be connected to a number of factors. The determining factors or reasons to consider will vary with people’s interest and preferences. Some of the factors that need to be addressed include salary, nature of duties and responsibilities associated with a job position and the atmosphere created by co-workers.

Motivation is a vital factor in determining employees’ commitment level, which, consequently, affects the returns realized by the organization or the firm. Salary is a decisive factor in motivating employees. Contemporary, salaries and wages constitute the main factor why employees go on strike, form welfare unions in the organization and even lead to employees’ turnover. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the level of salary offered by the employer (Heathfield, 2012). In addition, salary level will determine the level of living standards that the individual will adopt. This will also translate to the level of development, social involvement and the social class that the individual will be linked to in the community. Mostly, the salary level is associated with the level of academic qualification, skills and experiences that an individual has acquired. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the ranges of salaries offered by the employees before accepting job offers, owing to the factor that it influences a number of factors in an employee’s life.

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The rank in a job position will determine the nature of duties and responsibilities that are ascribed to a given job. Considering the job offer, the nature of responsibilities and duties associated with a job position is a factor worth consideration (Burt, 2007). First, individuals have to evaluate whether they can manage the responsibilities and duties associated with a given job position by judging from their qualification, skill and experience. This is a core factor in determining how well they will meet the expectations and goals of the organization bestowed to that vacancy. The nature of duties will also form an imperative factor in assisting personal development along the line of specialization. Falling either for cheap duties, which are not challenging or unachievable, or, contrary, overwhelming challenges, may lead to stagnation and failure to develop to higher levels. In addition, duties and responsibilities are crucial in defining a person’s sense of worth, prestige, self-esteem and job satisfaction, which are crucial for full commitment to a job.

Human being is a social being that will interact with others in delivering the best out of them. In most cases, jobs are interconnected in a chain-like process where one’s responsibility relies with another’s (Burt, 2007). The achievement level in an organization will, therefore, depend on the cohesion and interpersonal relations within the organization. The character of co-workers and the group dynamics associated with a job position is worth considering during job selection. In evaluating the nature of co-workers and their relationship role in influencing the job position, organization culture forms an imperative avenue for analysis. Conflicting interest among co-workers, poor attitude, negative competition, unsupportive atmosphere and uncommitted employees will hinder personal development and the level of achievement. A good relationship with co-workers is a motivating factor that may attract an individual to be associated with such organizations. Therefore, it is imperative to determine the type and relationship between co-workers while choosing a job.

In conclusion, job salary, nature of work and type of co-workers are significant factors to consider during selecting the job. These factors determine the level of commitment, personal development, job satisfaction, and achievement of both personal and institutional goals.


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