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In the recent times we have heard of many cases of child exploitation and abuse from various countries. Child exploitation as a vice is not new but it has taken different forms currently. One of the major forms is tourists who visit countries looking for sex adventures with minors. They are commonly referred to as sex tourists. The major cause of this vice is poverty. According to (cbn, 2012) those involved use the income they earn to but food and clothes for themselves and their families. They do confess that they do not like it but it is something they have to do keep going.

The exploited kids are as young as twelve years old (cbn, 2012). This is worrying because these kids are the next generation of parents who will also raise children in later years. Most of the tourists involved come from the European countries and the United States of America. The social workers are worried about the upcoming event, the football world cup tournament. (cbn, 2012) Claims that it is a duration they fear will leave painful traumas in the communities. What startles most is that there are no reports of prosecution for tourists involved in this vice. This shows that the government wants to keep in the trickle of income generating tourists but is not keen to shield its people against the negative effects of this relationship. It is also worrying to note from the article that some parents do put their kids into this form sex exploitive trade just to put a meal on the table. According to (cbn, 2012) some mothers do put their children into this vice because it is a necessity. The victims also know the negative implications this has on them but they still do it.

The information about child sex exploitation is useful to give an insight into issue of child exploitation. It sheds light into how poverty is contributing to moral decay in the world. The social fabric is wearing out slowly and the people need to be empowered to cushion them from the vice now and in later years. It is important to note that international non profit organizations are aware of the dangers of child sex exploitation and are working to provide care for the children in poor regions. (cbn, 2012) Argues that sponsoring these children eliminates the barriers to effective schooling and boost their esteem as well as educational achievements. This helps the children and their families keep off the exploitive sex trade because they have a better value for their lives.


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